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Is it “Luck” or “God’s Providence?”

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Here we are again. It’s time for another St. Patrick’s Day. As Catholic Christians, this feast day should mean way more than corned beef, cabbage, and wearing green. All of those things are great. But let us remember the outstanding saint whose memory we honor. People often use the phrase, “The luck of the Irish.” Whether or not people of Irish descent have more “luck” than others we don’t know. But when we receive blessings in our lives, or do something very noble, did we get “lucky,” or was “God’s providence” behind it. A key element in all of this is the effort we put into doing something. The harder we work, the more skilled we are, the better the outcome is going to be. On Wednesday, let’s talk about the notion of “luck,” and contrast it with “God’s providence.” Should be a fun and interesting discussion.

One thought on “Is it “Luck” or “God’s Providence?”

  1. I listened to part of the 3/16/2021program and the subject of “consecration” to St Joseph was brought up. A “consecration” is not a sacrament and I have been reluctant to make one of these consecrations, for fear that I would not live up to it. It takes me a long time to figure out what a “consecration” is all about and I have concluded that it is a “device” to increase one’s spirituality. Somehow I think that should be brought out, that it is not a way to compel God to do anything, but it is merely a way to improve one’s spirituality. It should be brought out more clearly. Like many things in Catholicism, the motivation for it is not often clear.

    One should not make a consecration unless one consciously makes the commitment to the words of the consecration. A consecration can be like a new year’s resolution that one breaks after a few days.

    That might be a better topic for your program, to find out how people address their path of spiritual development. Related to that, you might ask what benefit there is to having a spiritual advisor.


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