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with Jerry & Debbie

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Has Your Cross Been Made a Little Lighter Lately?

As we know, “we all have our cross to bear.” The “weight” of our cross can change at various times during our lives. Thankfully, they sometimes get a little “lighter,” or easier to carry. Has God ever blessed you by making your cross a little less burdensome? Let’s talk about that on Tuesday.

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What Have We Learned From 9/11 in Twenty Years?

We’ve made it a point every year since coming on the air to revisit 9/11, that horrific day in our nation’s history. Some of our most amazing calls and conversations have resulted from this. We’ll do it again on Friday, the day before the twentieth anniversary of the terrorist attack. We want to know what you think we’ve learned since then.

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What Seeds Are You Planting In Your Children’s Spiritual Harvest?

There can be no greater responsibility in this life than to raise children to become future saints. This requires diligence and a whole lot of hard work. As a parent, what are you doing to plant the seeds of faith in your children’s lives? Call and share about that on Thursday.