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Remind Me…

As we get older, it’s not as easy to remember things as it once was. And, today, with technology and gadgets to help us remember and keep track of virtually everything, we don’t have to commit things to memory or tie a string around our finger like we used to. Is your memory still strong? Do you find yourself forgetting what you were going to do, even as soon as after taking a few steps down the hall toward whatever that was? Do you exercise your brain and your mind by engaging in various games and exercises? Let’s talk about this on Thursday.

3-22-18_ memory


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A Look at L-O-V-E

In 1984, the band Foreigner released their song, “I Want to Know What Love Is.” Of course, they weren’t the first ones to ask that age-old question. The Bible tells us that God is love. That should be our standard when entering into a conversation about what authentic love is. Unfortunately, given humanity’s fallen nature, there are now countless understandings and definitions of “love.” St. Paul talks about “speaking the truth” in love. Love separated from truth is not love. In fact, it can amount to a violation of one’s true dignity. How can we converse with today’s world about love, when there is so much confusion about what it really means? That’s our topic for discussion – and your takes – on Wednesday’s show. Please join us!

3-21-18_ what is love


Behind the Bullies

Bullying has been around forever. Every generation sees its share of it. It’s always ugly, and never acceptable. On Friday, live from the annual Los Angeles Religious Education Congress, Jerry and Debbie will tackle this thorny topic – as always, with your insights and wisdom. There’s no doubt that bullying has taken on new dimensions in our day, especially with the ability of people to harass one another via social media. How prevalent is this in your lived experience? Do you have or know kids who have been bullied? Perhaps you yourself have been a victim. With all the emphasis on “tolerance” and “diversity,” why is that there are still so many among us who make life miserable for others, sometimes to the point of encouraging them to take their own lives? Be sure to join us for what should be a lively discussion.

RESOURCES: Stompoutbullying.org



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Have You Or Someone You Love Served Time in Jail or Prison?

Have you been in jail or prison? Do you have a loved one who has been or is currently serving time? Do you visit them? How has it impacted your family. Do you volunteer to visit those in prison? What is the spiritual climate like in our jails and prisons? Have you seen someone come to faith while incarcerated? There may be a lot more faith inside prison walls than we can imagine. Let’s talk about this on Tuesday.



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What Role Does TV Play In Your Life?

Rare is the household that doesn’t have a television set. Some homes have several. According to a Nielsen report, adults in the United States watch an average of 5 hours of TV per day. Extend that out and it amounts to approximately 76 entire days annually. Is that good for us? Bad for us? Clearly, the answer to that question depends on what we’re consuming. And, wow, how television content has changed over the years! Join Jerry and Debbie on Monday and share your take on what role TV viewing plays in your and your family’s lives. There are some very real connections to our spiritual lives.


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Am I Truly Sorry?

For any sin to be forgiven, there has to be authentic contrition, or sorrow, for having committed that sin. Thankfully, as the Catholic Church teaches, our sorrow can be “imperfect” and we’re still forgiven. Naturally, the goal is to strive for “perfect” contrition. The latter is sorrow driven by the motive of love for God and having offended Him, and nothing else. The former may include an element of that, but might also be motivated by something like a fear of going to hell. In any event, sorrow must be present or sins are not forgiven. Have you ever confessed your sins, then wondered, “Was I really sorry?” After all, so many of us have that “besetting sin,” the one that keeps coming up over and over in confession. Do you fear your sorrow may not be adequate because of the very real possibility that you will commit the same sins again? On Friday, join Jerry and Debbie as we have a conversation about this important subject. Share your take on how you cultivate sorrow for your sins, and whether or not you might at times struggle to accept that your contrition is sincere.

Here is a link to a good article on confession on EWTN’s website.

Here’s a link to a great examination of conscience by Fr. John Trigilio.