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Women Describing Holy Men

On Tuesday, Jerry and Debbie are calling on all women to weigh in and share what a holy man looks like to you. What do you think God meant for men in this world? What problems are you seeing in this world with men and how they are conducting themselves. Or, have you experienced men who are courteous, gentlemanly and affirming? In essence, ladies, what do you think a “holy” man should consist of? Let’s talk about it!

5-22-18 - Holy Men


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I’m Proud of My Graduate

Graduation from high school or college is a big deal. A really big deal. And it’s cause for celebration, joy and much pride on the part of parents and family members. Do you have a son, daughter, family member or friend who’s going to receive a diploma this spring? Perhaps it’s you who will be graduating and moving on to the next chapter of your life. Call on Friday and tell us what makes you most happy and proud at this special moment.

5-18-18 - Grads


How Do You Greet Others?

We know there are different ways that we greet the people we know. When you encounter your mother or father, you likely give them a big hug and a kiss. Same with siblings, and, perhaps, close friends. What about plain old friends? Fellow parishioners? Neighbors? Some people are huggers and kissers. Others are more reserved when it comes to showing affection. Where are you on this spectrum? Are you more or less demonstrative when you greet or say goodbye to those you encounter? Let’s talk about this on Tuesday.

5-15-18 greetings


My Guardian Angel Is Right Beside Me


Psalm 91 clearly describes how God gave each and every one of us a guardian angel to protect, guard and guide us. Scripture does not lie. God gave us this great gift of the angels, and our role is to acknowledge that gift and develop a relationship with our guardian angel. Let’s talk about what angels are and what they are not, and share your devotion and trust in your guardian angel on Friday.  

RESOURCES:  All About the Angels by Fr Paul O’Sullivan

5-11-18 angel

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It’s All About Grace

The Catechism of the Catholic Church describes all the different forms of grace. It is fascinating to know the power of grace in our spiritual lives. But do we really understand the concept of grace? Is it just a word that we toss around lightly, or do we rely on grace to deepen our faith lives. Is grace something we can “feel?” How do we know when grace is at work in our lives? It’s an interesting topic that we’ll delve into with your help on Thursday.

5-10-18 grace


Parenting With Purpose

Parenting is a process. The first moment you hold your newborn child, you might think that you will have to coddle them and provide for them forever. A few years later, they are starting to flex their independent muscles. But you still have to keep a close eye on them, and make sure they are coloring between the lines. As they become teenagers and young adults, how do you loosen your grip and allow them to be the persons God made them to be, while still providing the guidance they need as they mature? Share your tips on Wednesday’s show.

5-9-18 freedom