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Faith Among Friends

Be sure to listen and call in on Thursday. Jerry may join the broadcast from the airport before boarding his flight to San Antonio for our latest pilgrimage. So, Debbie, whose flight is a little later, will be discussing “faith among friends.” This topic was suggested by a dear listener (and the facilitator of the “Inspired By Faith” Book Club), Gigi. The thrust of the conversation will be how comfortable you are bringing up, defending or explaining our beautiful faith when you’re among friends. Or, do you refrain from doing so in order to avoid ruffling feathers and possibly losing friends? This is a topic that most all of us can relate to, so let us hear from you on Thursday!

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"I'm Gonna' Get Mine!"

When someone does us wrong, or we perceive that we’ve been wronged, a very natural human reaction can be to want to even the score. Of course, we get quite a different bit of advice from Jesus in Scripture. Nevertheless, human history is filled with individuals who attempt to exact their pound of flesh. Have you ever been on one end or the other in such a scenario? As always, we want to talk about this on Tuesday so we can all come out better after the conversation.

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Whom Or What Are You Praying For?

Monday is our first broadcast of the month of December. It’s also the first week of Advent. What a perfect time to share with one another our prayer intentions, which we do a couple times each month. Be thinking over the weekend about whom or what you would like the Take 2 Family to pray for, and get in touch with us by any of the following means:

833-288-EWTN (3986)


Text EWTN to 55000 (data rate may apply)

Facebook and YouTube live video streams


We’ll look forward to hearing from you on Monday!

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How Do You Stretch Your Food Dollar?

With Thanksgiving upon us, it’s a good reminder of how very blessed most of us are with full refrigerators and freezers, not only this time of year, but usually year round. It’s also an occasion to reflect and pray about how we make the best possible use of the edible blessings the Lord provides for us. Do you have creative ways of stretching your food dollar, preparing leftovers, shopping frugally, etc.? Let’s all learn again from each other on Tuesday’s show.

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Still Friends After All These Years

As we make our way through life, friends come and friends go. Some we stay in close touch with. Others, not so much. But every now and then, someone from our past re-enters our life in some manner. With the advances in technology and social media, this has become more and more common. A friend from decades ago may see you pop up in their social media account(s) and want to reconnect. Or it could be as unlikely as bumping into them in the grocery store or on an airplane. Has this happened to you? How much had either of you changed? Were you able to reconnect on more than a superficial level? Call in and let’s talk about this on Monday.

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Does Your Spouse Resent Your Relationship With God, Part II

Once again, you have exhibited your desire for a part two, as the phone lines were full the entire show on Monday. So, on Tuesday we’ll continue our conversation for another day. Here is the show description from Monday:

Marriages can be strained by many things. These are often friendships or relationships between one spouse and someone outside the marriage. This could involve a family member, a best friend, a drinking buddy, or, worst of all, an outside romantic interest. But there are times when one spouse is on fire for the faith, while the other spouse is not in the same place spiritually. Unfortunately, this can at times lead to the less devout spouse resenting the time the other spouse spends in Church, at prayer meetings, volunteering at the parish, etc. Have you experienced this in your marriage? If so, let’s have a conversation about on Wednesday, with a view to finding a way to help others avoid similar conflicts.

Worldwide Marriage Enounter – http://www.wwme.org/

Retrouvaille – https://www.helpourmarriage.org/