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Signs of Life In Your Area

On Monday, Jerry and Debbie will be back with you live to invite your takes on how the faith is “alive and well” in your area. So often, we hear the discouraging news of a “shortage of vocations,” parish closings or mergers, seminaries closing or being sold, this or that longtime ministry folding due to financial hard times. Yet, the Holy Spirit never ceases to inspire great faith initiatives and movements across the country and around the world. As a matter of fact, in some areas vocations are booming. New Catholic colleges and universities are being founded. Apostolates are flourishing in support of marriage, the family, pro-life – you name it. As you look around where you live, what signs of life do you see that the faith is either going strong or making a great comeback? Let us know on Monday!



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The Best Christmas Ever!

12-13-17_Rebecca Even.jpg

It happens every year. The joyous celebration of Christmas. For many in the world, it comes and goes with a flash. Well, after several weeks of lights, music, festivities and parties. While there’s nothing wrong with participating in those activities, what does Christmas really mean to you? The Church puts in front of us twelve days of Christmas. Why is that? Isn’t Christmas just one special, important day? Join Jerry and Debbie on Wednesday as they are joined by Rebecca Even. She will share how you and your family can enter into the entire Christmas “season” with great joy.



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Paint a Picture of Your Life

Life is an amazing journey. There are highs and lows, mountains and valleys, and lots of both forgettable and unforgettable experiences. These all shape us into the people we are today. Some have called this road through life a “tapestry” that we put together and gaze upon from time to time. On Tuesday, Jerry and Debbie invite you to call it your “picture.” If you were able to draw a picture that represents the “story” of your life, what colors would you use? What would you include? What would you definitely leave out? A heartfelt exercise like this will tell us a lot about ourselves and the lives we’ve been blessed to live!


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What’s Your “First World Problem?”

OK. Let’s face it. We all have those little things in life that irritate us. Slow traffic. A restaurant meal that isn’t as hot as we would like it to be. When we get knocked off the Internet. Sure, these are definitely inconveniences. But how do we put them in perspective? Would I rather be frustrated at going 20 MPH below the speed limit, or be scrounging for my next meal in a third world country? Would I rather restart my laptop or be fighting for the right to practice my faith in a communist country? On Monday, let’s all “fess up” about the things that bother us, but aren’t really all that big a deal.


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Helping Others Live Better

On Friday, Jerry and Debbie will be looking for calls and insights from those who work in areas like food service, massage, hair care, etc. These types of services can add greatly to the quality of life of others. We’re not talking about those who lives of luxury. Just some of the favors (or necessities) we choose to do for ourselves from time to time. How has serving others in this way blessed both you and them? Do you feel appreciated? Perhaps you sometimes feel undervalued. This can be a very insightful program. Don’t miss it!


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Are You Comfortable Making Eye Contact With Others?

Let’s “face” it (pun intended). It’s been said that “the eyes are the window to the soul.” You can gaze into another person’s soul to the extent that you can see into his or her eyes. Our eyes can be fixed on another person and his or her needs. Or, they can dart about, in a hurry to end a conversation. What is your experience of other people looking you directly in the eye when you talk to them? What about when you simply pass someone in the aisle in the grocery store. Do they turn their face away from you quickly? Pretend they’re on their phone? Look down at the floor? OK, people don’t have to act like we’re their long-lost aunt or uncle when they encounter us. But in your everyday experience, do you sense that people have a difficult time making eye contact? It really is a tell-tale sign of where someone is. Share your take on Tuesday with Jerry and Debbie.


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Are You Concerned About a Prodigal Child?

Welcome to a new week of broadcasts! We hope and pray you had a great weekend. Today, our topic is one that is close to the minds and hearts of so many of us – a son or daughter (or multiple children) who are away from the faith. It can break a parent’s heart, and lead to a lot of grief and sleepless nights. Thankfully, we have Biblical stories like The Prodigal Son, in which we see God’s amazing grace and mercy on full display. Yes, we need to be concerned. Sure, we have to pray for our wayward loved ones. But we must also hope in God’s abundant love for them. Let’s talk about this on Monday’s show.