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Are You An Overachiever Or an Underachiever?

Almost every day of our lives, we face situations where we have to “perform” in some way. These opportunities range from the home to our academic environment, from the workplace to the gym or athletic arena. While all of us are created equal in dignity, we’re not all equal when it comes to how well we fare in these areas. We may be more motivated to do certain things well, and other things less well. Of course, we should give our all, no matter what it is that we undertake. As you examine your life, would you say you are generally an overachiever, gaining results beyond what your apparent abilities would indicate, or have you at times been an underachiever in certain endeavors? There are no right or wrong answers, just a chance for us to discuss how to strive to be our best selves in everything we do. Join us with your take on Thursday.


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Setting Boundaries in Relationships

Just exactly what are “boundaries” in our interpersonal relationships? They can be very Christian if done the right way. But so many of us struggle understanding just where to draw certain lines. Do you feel like you have to be everyone’s good friend? Are you easily taken advantage of? Is it hard for you to say “no” to people? How do you formulate your boundaries differently for family, friends, neighbors, co-workers? This is what we’ll talk about on Tuesday. Do join us!


Do You Remember Your Children’s First Big Accomplishment?

If you have children, you know what a big deal it is to achieve certain milestones and moments in their lives. These are often chronicled in a variety of ways – photos, videos, inscriptions on a wall, a scrapbook, you name it. And they include a million different things, from taking their first steps, to receiving their First Holy Communion, from riding a bike without assistance, to catching that first big fish. On Monday, let’s celebrate the early accomplishments in the lives of your children. Call 833-288-3986 to join the conversation.

Melissa Villalobos’ story – https://cruxnow.com/church-in-the-usa/2019/07/03/chicago-womans-healing-is-miracle-in-cardinal-newmans-sainthood-cause/

54 Day Novena

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Is Your Rural Parish Threatened With Closure?

We’re presenting more and more topics that you suggest to us. That’s the case on Wednesday, when we take up a suggestion by a listener named Jenny and talk about the fate of some of our rural parishes. We’ll let Jenny herself set up the topic:

I heard that you take show topic ideas? If so, I have one. There is an epidemic of small town, rural parishes that are financially solvent and pillars in the community that are closing because of the lack of priests. Dioceses across the midwest and northeast are particularly affected. My parish is one of those that are on the potential closure list. Whereas the bishops are doing what they feel they need to do, the concern is that since the rural parishes are smaller, they do not matter. It seems a numbers game rather than a souls game. Jesus tells us to go to the ends of the earth. That also means to the ends of the cornfields, too.

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The Aftermath of More Tragedies

Jerry and Debbie rescheduled their topic on Monday to allow you to weigh in on the latest mass shootings in the United States. Not surprisingly, you had a lot to say. So much so, that we are doing part two of this important topic. As we mourn, pray and look for rays of hope, we look forward to hearing from you with your heartfelt thoughts on Tuesday.

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Prayerful Parenting

Parenting is hard. It doesn’t come with a how-to manual. Without God and faith, it’s hard enough. Do you strive to seek God’s help and His will in how you raise, train and discipline your children? Do you pray about what’s best for them? Do you pray with your spouse and turn to Scripture for advice on raising them? Do you make sure they receive their sacraments? Do you try to make sure they get the best possible religious instruction? How do you make God and our faith the center of your important task of child-raising? Share your take on this with Jerry and Debbie on Friday.


Whom or What Are You Praying For?

On Thursday, it’s our monthly show for you to call, text, e-mail or post on social media any prayer intentions you would like the world to pray for. We’ll get to as many of them as we can on the air, but even if we don’t get to yours, we will gather them all and offer a prayer for all of your intentions at the end of the show.