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Has Domestic Violence Impacted Your Life?

According to an article on Wikipedia, between 960,000 and 3,000,000 incidents of domestic violence are reported each year, while many other incidents go unreported. It is estimated that more than ten million people experience domestic violence in just the alone U.S. each year. It can be experienced by men, women and children. Domestic violence may include verbal, emotional, economic, physical and sexual abuse. All forms of domestic abuse have one purpose: to gain and maintain control over the victim. Abusers use many tactics to exert this power over their victims. On Wednesday, we’re going to talk about this, and invite those who are comfortable doing so to call and share their experience of being a victim of domestic abuse, and, God-willing, finding a way out of that and into healing and peace. This is another topic that was suggested by a listener, in this case Stand Tall Carol in Wisconsin.

National Domestic Violence Hotline – 1−800−799−SAFE (7233)

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Join Us Today If You’ve Never Married

On Monday’s show, Jerry will be solo on the air – with you, that is! And, remember, you always drive the show with your takes, your insights, your wisdom, your lived experiences and your support and suggestions for other Take 2 Family members. Today’s topic was suggested by a listener who has never married. We’ve done shows on being single, but those have focused more on people who were still “looking for love” in the form of a spouse. But a growing percentage of people – including Jerry – seem to be content serving God while choosing not to marry. For each person who has remained unmarried, there could be a lot of factors that played into that decision. A bad example by your parents made you determined never to set yourself up for that. Perhaps your professional life was so busy and fulfilling that you never met the right person who could accommodate that challenging way of life. It could be that after making several unseuccessful runs at matrimony you simply decided to slow down a little and enjoy the unmarried life. We all learn from you inspiring takes, so be sure you share why you have remained unmarried up to this point in your life, and if you envision that ever changing.

RESOURCE: Single and Catholic Finding Meaning in Your State of Life


Threats To Our Children

It’s not easy growing up or raising children in any age. But one would be hard-pressed to argue that today’s generation of young people face threats that few ever did before. On Thursday, join Jerry and Debbie and share your take on just how bad you think things have become. The “usual suspects” like gangs, drinking, drugs, sexually transmitted diseases (the list could go on and on), have now been joined by frightening new dangers like gender ideology, one parent trying to convince her child he is really a girl, schools barring the teaching that there are such things as boys and girls (sadly, this list could also go on and on). We look forward to hearing from you with your input and wisdom on Thursday.


What Really Frustrates You?

The recent week of broadcasts will be tough to top, so incredible were your takes all week. But we’ll kick off Monday with another great topic – what really frustrates you? It’s nearly impossible to avoid things that rub us the wrong way. The question is, how are we going to react? What will we do in response to those things (or people) that get under our skin? The ideal is to respond like Jesus would. In actuality, that doesn’t always happen. So, call early with your take on this important conversation.

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When the Saints Go Marching In

One of the greatest things about being a Catholic Christian is cultivating a relationship with the men and women who have gone before us and have made it home to be with God for all eternity. On Thursday, on the eve of All Saints Day, Jerry and Debbie will welcome your calls and personal experiences of getting to know the saints, relying on their intercession and emulating their lives as you strive to “run the race so as to win” and join them in glory.

There’s a patron saint for just about everything! https://www.catholic.org/saints/patron.php

Dead Theologians Society – https://www.deadtheologianssociety.com/

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Millennials On the Frontlines

We’re living in times when it’s more important than ever to take a strong and courageous stand for the truths of our Catholic faith. We’re also seeing incredible opposition and hatred toward the Church and her beliefs, perhaps especially among young adults. On Wednesday, we want to hear from millennials who are on the frontlines in the culture war, and how you face paying the price of losing friends (and even alienating family members who don’t believe) when you hold firm to your faith. It should be another impactful conversation, one which we hope will provide new encouragement to our millennial brothers and sisters.