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The Catholic Guide to Miracles

Jerry and Debbie are taking a four-day weekend. So, we have a recorded show for you on Friday. It will feature our good friend, religious demonologist Adam Blai. He has written a new book that’s available at http://www.ewtnrc.com. It’s titled, The Catholic Guide to Miracles. Hope you can join us for this enlightening show! Get your copy here: https://www.ewtnreligiouscatalogue.com/the…/p/BKCHH02968


Do You Love Enough to Tell Someone the “Hard Truth?”

The Bible says a lot about lovingly correcting someone who is sinning. This doesn’t mean we judge their souls. We simply a corrective word about the words or actions that could potentially lead to their damnation. On Tuesday, let’s have a conversation about this. Being able to tell someone the “hard truth” is sometimes necessary.


Just One More Time, Part Two

On Thursday, we invite you to continue your heartfelt comments about whose voice you would love to hear “just one more time” if you could. Part Two was determined by the huge participation on Wednesday. If you missed Wednesday’s show, you can listen to it below, and you won’t want to miss Thursday’s episode.