Take 2 with Jerry & Debbie


Confessional Penances

We all should go to the Sacrament of Confession on a regular basis. Especially if we are trying to control a certain sin or vice. Part of the sacrament’s fulfillment is performing whatever penance the priest prescribes. On Friday, we’re going to talk about this, discuss whether we think the usual penances are too harsh or too light, and if we’ve ever been given creative penances. Please join us.

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Are You Eager to Get Out of Bed In the Morning?

Mornings can bring all sorts of emotions. Are you someone who can’t wait to leap out of bed and take on a new day? Or, do you kind of hit the snooze button and pull the blanket over your head until you absolutely have to get up? This should be an interesting conversation on Wednesday.

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Could You Ever Leave the Catholic Church?

It happens every day. People choose to leave the Catholic Church for any number of reasons. While we believe there is ultimately no reason to walk away from Holy Mother Church, it does happen. Is there anything that could potentially lead you to do so? Have you in fact left the Catholic Church? Let’s talk about this on Friday.

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What Would You Change From Your Past?

We should always do our best to look forward, not backward. But, the truth is, some things in our past continue to pester us into the future. On Thursday, let’s talk about this, and how we can best move beyond the things we might wish to change in our past.

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Do You Use Holy Water and Other Sacramentals?

As Catholics, we have the abundant graces that flow from the seven sacraments. But the church also recognizes that graces can come through the use of holy water and other sacramentals. How much do you use them? We’ll talk about that on Tuesday.

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