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with Jerry & Debbie

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Life After the Pandemic

The world is slowly starting to “open up” again. Many churches, schools and businesses are back up and running, though usually with restrictions. Do you think life will ever be “normal” again? What do you expect to see when we have put a little distance between the pandemic’s worst effects and the resumption of daily life? Have you started working again? Is your church open for worship again? How long do you believe it will be before we can go about our lives without the shadow of the pandemic hanging over our heads? That’s what we’ll be talking about on Thursday, so plan to join us!

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Quarantine Dreams

Since the coronavirus pandemic swept around the globe, countless people are reporting having very vivid and “wild” dreams. Not necessarily bizarre dreams, but ones that seem very real. The causes of this are supposedly numerous. These include having our life’s “routine” abruptly altered by the pandemic, in particular, staying at home and mostly indoors for a long period of time. It’s also thought that going through these emotionally difficult times is having an impact on our dreams. This isn’t limited solely to a crisis such as we’re dealing with now. Many traumatic life experiences can lead to vivid dreams during “normal” times. On Tuesday (we have an encore show planned for you on Memorial Day), join Jerry and Debbie for a unique and impactful conversation about this.

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The Pandemic From Our Priests’ Perspective

Tell everyone you know not to miss Thursday’s broadcast. We will be talking with priests about how the COVID-19 shutdown has impacted their lives and ministries. As laypeople, we know well what we’ve been going through, especially with the absence of the sacraments in our lives. Fortunately, many of us are now once again able to receive them. But we want to give you a glimpse into our shepherds’ experience during this pandemic. Be sure to tune in on Thursday.

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Have You Ever Regretted Not Saying Or Doing Something?

At the beginning of Mass we often recite a prayer known as the Confiteor. It’s a Latin word meaning, “I confess.” It’s a sort of mini general confession or admission of our sinfulness. One line has us confess “what I have done, and what I have failed to do.” We don’t always consider those moments when we don’t say what we ought to say, or do what we ought to do, as being sins. Beyond that, those omissions can be quite damaging to others, given the right circumstances. Looking back over your life, there have likely been many times when you have neglected to say or do what you should have in a given situation. On Tuesday, let’s talk about this, even if you don’t wish to share specifics. We can all learn more about the need to say and do the right thing at all times.

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Mary’s Role, Part II

You did it again. Far too many calls to get to on this topic, so we’re going to present part two on Thursday. If you were on hold, but didn’t get on the show on Thursday, you’ll be moved to the front of the line on Friday. Let’s have another informative, inspiring discussion about the role of The Virgin Mary in our lives.


What Role Does Mary Play In Your Life?

Wednesday was the Feast of Our Lady of Fatima, when we had planned to present this topic. However, our Tuesday topic – How Often Do You Visit Cemeteries – turned into two parts. Of course, the entire month of May is dedicated to Our Blessed Mother, so we’ll invite you to call in on Thursday and share what role Mary plays in your life:

  • Is she your spiritual mother?
  • Does she lead you closer to Jesus?
  • Are you just now beginning to learn who Mary is?
  • Has she helped you in difficult times?
  • What devotions to her do you practice?
  • Have you been challenged to explain or defend the Catholic Church’s understanding of her?

We look forward to another great conversation with you on Thursday.