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Marriage Troubles

T2--July 30-marriage

Some marriages have very minor issues, while other marriages deal with major situations that can cripple the relationship. Often times, we are reluctant to share publicly our relationship issues for fear that we will judged by others.  Marriage is tough enough these days and we certainly don’t need to add any outside criticism of our decisions in life.  So, we suffer in silence and the marriage continues to deteriorate.  Then, just before the dreaded divorce word is introduced, we may make an attempt to save the relationship.  Yet sadly, it may be too late at that point.  On Thursday, we will be discussing the problems in relationships and where we can find help/support for our marriages.  Call us, if you would like to share your story. 1-833-288-3986

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Have You Been “Martha” to Others?

In the Bible, Martha, the sister of Mary and Lazarus, often gets a bum rap because Jesus said Mary chose the better part, i.e. sitting at Jesus’ feet in a more contemplative manner. But that doesn’t mean Martha’s role is unimportant. There are many times we are called to serve others, and to serve Jesus in others. If it weren’t for people who take an active role in serving the needs of others, much suffering would proliferate throughout the world. On Wednesday, join Jerry and Debbie and share how you have played the part of Martha in your community. This isn’t about bragging on ourselves. Rather, it’s an opportunity to inspire others to take a more active role in serving others.

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Shaking Off Negativity and Thriving

An unfortunate part of everyone’s life is that we are often subject to criticism and negativity. Healthy and constructive criticism can be very helpful. But some people find it difficult not to unleash negativity, even on those they love. These experiences can be very powerful forces in our lives, as they go a long way toward shaping what we think of ourselves, and how we live our lives. Happily, we are very resilient beings, and can even take unjust insults and negativity and turn them into positives by allowing them to drive us to become better persons. Have you done this in your own life? Be part of the conversation on Tuesday’s show.

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Self-Care During the Pandemic

The COVID pandemic has taken its toll on everyone. Whether you have had the virus yourself, know someone who has (or does), or have cared for someone during the crisis. Virtually all of us are feeling beat up by the whole thing. Our question for you on Monday will be, “How are you taking care of yourself?” Are you making sure you get enough sleep and rest? Eating healthy? Finding time for exercise and recreation? If we don’t do these things, we run the risk of eventually being of no help to anyone. Join us as we start next week off with this discussion.

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God Is Never Late

Have you ever thought God was ignoring your prayers? Or waited and waited until He answered? There’s a saying that, “God is never late.” But sometimes it can seem like he is not listening to us, or is not going to answer our prayers. Have you been through this experience? Did you finally receive the answer from God that you were hoping for? Share your take on Friday’s show.


Curriculum Chaos

Parents everywhere are trying to navigate the ever-changing waters of what the coming school year will look like for their children. Some areas say that are simply going to reopen schools so that all kids can return. Others say classes will all be online. While still other areas are examining various hybrid possibilities. All the while, many teachers’ groups and parents are threatening to sue if they are forced to go back to school during the pandemic. Caught in the middle of all this are our children. On Thursday, share your thoughts on all of this with Jerry and Debbie. Do you even have a sense of how your kids will be educated this coming year? This should be a lively conversation.

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Strained Relationships

A sad part of life is that we’re all human, and we can do things to damage our interpersonal relationships. This can happen between husband and wife, parent and child, between siblings and extended family members, and even with co-workers or casual friends. When this happens, at some point one party or the other has to make the first move toward reconciliation. Are you currently experiencing a strained relationship? Perhaps voicing your pain or discomfort on global radio will help you develop a way forward. That’s what we’re talking about on Wednesday’s show. Don’t miss it!

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Have You Fallen Asleep During Your Prayer Time?

Has this ever happened to you? If so, you’re far from alone. Countless people – including many saints – have dozed off while spending time in prayer to the Lord. It’s been said that your guardian angel will finish any prayers you intended to pray before falling asleep. So, while it’s certainly not a sin to catch a few winks during the time you set aside to pray, if it’s happening with any regularity, you may want to consider praying at a different time of the day. Some argue that the earliest hours of our day are the best times to pray, as we’re often more refreshed, and haven’t put in a busy day already. On Tuesday, let’s have a robust conversation about this. As always, we hope to come away a little closer to God, which is what prayer is all about!

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