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On Friday, Jerry and Debbie once again will allow you to bring up any topic you would like to ask about or discuss. It’s our latest “Unscripted” show, where you set the table by introducing whatever is on your mind or heart. Don’t miss this opportunity to comment on a previous show, talk about what’s going on in the world around you, lament your shattered March Madness bracket or whatever else you can think of. Join us at Noon ET on EWTN Radio!


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The Hands of Time

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Some people look back at twenty years of life and it seems like it was just yesterday. For others, time seems to drag on perpetually. What is your experience?  Is it true that time flies when you are having fun? Maybe time is creeping along because you are in the midst of a crisis. Let’s talk about all of this and more on Thursday’s Take 2 with Jerry and Debbie.  Phone lines fill up quickly so don’t wait to call, 1-800-585-9396.

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When Have You Felt Disrespected?

At some point in life, we will all be disrespected. For some, it happens on a regular basis. For example, certain jobs carry with them a stigma that is worsened by the fact that people look down on them (waiters/waitresses, housekeepers, janitors, those who clean restrooms in the airport, etc.). Other occasions when we’re disrespected are when people are rude to us in public, cutting in front of us on the road, chatting on their cell phone and holding up the line at the grocery store, and so forth. Needless to say, disrespect is a common occurrence within families, including, sadly when children disrespect their parents. Of course, the types and frequency of disrespect are innumerable. Share your take on this topic on Wednesday with Jerry and Debbie.

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What Makes Your Heart Sing?

The human heart is designed to be stirred when certain things happen in our lives. Maybe it’s when you first met the person you eventually married. Or seeing your son or daughter win their first youth sporting event. Maybe it’s happened to you in a moment as simple as driving home from work and seeing a beautiful sunset or rainbow. When this happens to us, it often signals a recognition on our part of something truly sublime and beautiful, something that clearly touches us in a deep place. When does this happen for you? How do you see God in the moments when your heart sings? Share your take with Jerry and Debbie on Tuesday.

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Are You Fighting For Custody of a Child?

It’s very unfortunate when parents cannot get along, especially to the point where they choose to separate and/or end the marriage. If there are kids involved, then a tug-of-war could potentially ensue to see which parent will have full or primary custody of the children. This can be very harmful to all involved, most particularly the children. If you’ve been through this, or know someone who is going through it, share your take today with Jerry and Debbie.

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What Would Be Your Dream Job?

From the time we’re very young, we dream about doing certain things with our lives. The common question put to children is, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Of course, as Christians who understand that God has a specific plan for each of our lives, we also want to ask young people what they think He wants them to do when they grow up. In any event, we are free to follow the desires of our hearts, especially the ones put there by the Lord. As you examine where life has taken you professionally, are you happy doing what you’re doing? Thinking of a “dream job” doesn’t mean you’re dissatisfied with your current circumstances. It can simply be an exercise in thinking of what you would do if you were educated and skilled enough to do what your heart would really love. Share your take today with Jerry and Debbie!