Take 2 with Jerry & Debbie


Meet Jerry Usher

Jerry Usher is the founder and president of Third Millennium Media, an organization dedicated to helping establish new Catholic radio stations and to assisting the needs of existing stations. TMM also works with various other Catholic apostolates to help them establish a presence in Catholic media.

A veteran of radio since 1980, Jerry has held virtually every position imaginable in both secular and Catholic broadcasting. Jerry was the creator and longtime host of “Catholic Answers Live,” which remains one of the most popular programs on Catholic radio.

Jerry holds a Bachelor of Arts in Theology and Philosophy from Franciscan University of Steubenville. In addition, he has completed two years of graduate theological studies in the seminary, part of his six years of formation for the priesthood from 1989-95.


Meet Debbie Georgianni

Debbie Georgianni, M.A. is a writer, inspirational speaker and certified health/wellness coach.  She dedicated 25 years to Catechetical Ministry in the Diocese of Phoenix working with all age groups.  Debbie spent 5 years in Community Relations and as an Announcer for Immaculate Heart Radio. Debbie is also the Director of Marketing and Business Development for Third Millennium Media. Her lifelong passion has always been to assist people in nurturing their mind, body and spirit so that a healthy balance will lead towards a blessed life.

Debbie has two grown sons and a beautiful daughter in law. She looks forward to the day when grandchildren arrive but for now Debbie and her husband Marty enjoy life with family, friends and a great game of golf!

15 thoughts on “About

  1. On today’s show, I just wanted to comment to all the overachievers out there, make sure that you are not being an overachiever in detriment to someone else who now becomes the underachiever. This happens between spouses, siblings, etc.


  2. My name is Cindy and I called in about two weeks ago as a DRE who was being bullied by other office staff. I put in my resignation and they asked me to leave rather than stay until my last day. Please pray that at some point I can see God’s work in this. Right now I’m feeling unappreciated for the 4 + years of work I put in in this parish….it’s a new parish and I was the second one hired after the Priest. Now I have to decide if I should keep my kids in the school and continue to have this be my home parish.


  3. What is your reccommdation for the best book to read on “Interior Freedom” you talked about on your show today? Thanks, Mary

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  4. I wanted to send my prayer with you but could not remember the email.


  5. I Love the show Take 2 w/ Jerry & Debbie. I listen almost every day! Thank you for taking my prayers with you to the Holy Land! I am always excited to hear what’s coming up each day! Have a “Blessed Day” ❤ Thank You! 🙂 🙂


  6. Update: Debbie and Jerry, I was one of your callers from Walla Walla ,KHSS 100.7 on the first pre-tapped show of December 28th, My question at the time was where do my fiance’ and I go should his annulment be denied as we wanted a sacramental marriage. TWO days later his annulment was granted and signed by the Spokane Diocese! Thank you so much for the direction of prayer and advice Debbie. And Jerry your encouragement to John, (the groom to be) about being faithful to the churches law though a non-catholic was inspiring to us both. We are now taking our marriage prep classes and will be married on July 2nd at 1100 AM at St Francis Catholic Church in Walla Walla. This Italian Catholic church is the church that my grandparents raised my mother and father, as well as the the church that I was born into! Prayer and patience do prevail. God bless you both and thank you for the rosary which I will carry on my wedding day.


  7. Thank you for hosting OneFaith Experience in St. Louis! Please come back again — it was just what my soul needed!


  8. Thank you for your show Take 2. I have been listening about 7 or 8 months. I have my radio on from about9:am to about 4:pm. Also have EWTN radio station on in my Vehicle, Please pray for me, I am in a bereavement support group through the Archdiocese of Milwaukee. I do not like Journeying and talking about my feelings. I lost my Husband, Howard to pancreatic cancer last October. I love your show, Jerry and Debbie you are very inspiring. Thank you and God Blessings to Both of You. Pat

    ( PS tried to give you my prayers to take to the Holy Land, I had trouble navigating the website. I happy to say I found your website and will put you into my contacts.


  9. Jerry and Debbie looking for your new site and you do show up under Debbie and Jerry.com


  10. How can I find the downloadable Bible app talked about on the 7/26/16 show? Thanks!


  11. On today’s show – 8/05/2016 It isn’t sad when people don’t want a Bible verse in their email, you were unfair in that assessment. My email is over-stuffed and I don’t want a Bible verse sent from someone. I read a Psalm in the morning and the gospels at night, and I pray. I am not sad nor am I not wanting to hear God’s word. I simply want to decide on my own, what I read and I don’t need one more email.


  12. Thank you for your prayers and you show! It’s been such a blessing to me.
    Please forward this to Tom , the listener going to Barto, Pa. This shrine to Padre Poo was started by Vera Calendra, a spiritual daughter of Padre Poo who’s daughter was miraculously healed. They have his confessional, bloody glove and many other things. They used to have a friary there as well but no longer do.
    Anyway, imvery sick for many yeats, struggling to remain faithful to the Lord through it all. I have fallen away a few times, but need prayers for the perseverance and generosity to live Jesus and serve him with all I am for the rest of my life, in spite of a new and devastating illness.
    And for the salvation, reversion of my family and special loved ones. Thank you again,

    Many and continued blessings,

    Meg in Va


  13. I started to listen this radio 2 weeks ago, and I’m amazed with the subjects you talk about every day, I’m from Colombia, my English is not very good but I do my best, God bless you every single day and thank you for bringing happiness to my life! 😉


  14. The show is vey insipiring and in fine review. I listen to the station every day, for I do not have ewtntv. Take care. Maria


  15. I praise God that he listen to our prayers all the time . Please pray for my son he is in the airforce and he needs his rap to be approve so he can come home for few days before he leaves to Italy. May God bless you all and thank you🙏

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