Take 2 with Jerry & Debbie

“God, I Need You Now!”


We all have multiple prayer intentions. Some take time before the Lord answers them. Others are more pressing, at least to us. Do you have an urgent intention that you would like others to join you in praying for? We’ll take your calls, emails, social media comments and texts on tomorrow’s show.

4 thoughts on ““God, I Need You Now!”

  1. Please include in your prayers my dear daughter, Claire, who we adopted from China 20 years ago. In recent years she has given in to the culture and is very confused about her gender. She wants to take male hormones, remove her breasts and change her name. We have prayed and sacrificed and offered masses. She still goes to church with us. Please pray for clarity and acceptance of who she is – a beloved daughter of the most high God. And that she would turn away from this course of action.
    Thank you and God bless you.


  2. Please keep lyen unser in the prayer book she was a good friend and prerishaner St Patrick’s my church please also keep my sister Colette and brother james and Brandon and my best friend Kendra and Trey who whould of been my best man thanks Paul Anthony ciskanik jr


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