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If Only They Could Talk

Take2_072318- alexa

We are surrounded by surveillance cameras, tv’s, gadgets, etc that may be recording us and capturing our actions.  If all of these external devices could talk…what would they say about us? Interesting concept to explore and one that can totally relate to our spirituality.  When you really give it some thought, these mobile devices we have as our companions could actually reveal the most authentic version of ourselves if only they had the ability to speak. We tend to be the most genuine around technology and aren’t we called to be that way in real life as well? So what would your gadgets say about you? Is it in line with what your family and friends say about you?  This topic was suggested by Jeff Burson, who runs our social media for Take 2.  Call in and share your thoughts on this topic. 1-833-288-3986.


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Looking Forward To The Weekend

Take2_072018- Weekend-plans.jpg

Everyone has a different concept of the weekends.  Many of us use the weekends to catch up on sleep or housework.  Some don’t even recognize the weekend because it is part of their weekly work schedule.  Others look forward to the weekends to kick back and let spontaneity prevail.  There are some that are strict about the Commandment, Keep Holy the Sabbath… Where are you with the weekends?  Let us in a bit on your weekend agenda and we can learn from you or maybe you could learn from others…Call us at, 1-833-288-3986.


Food and Fellowship

Take2_071918- meals

We read in Scripture how Jesus dined with His followers. Friendships are made, deepened and sometimes broken around meals. Judas is a perfect example at the Last Supper. Gathering together around a meal tends to bring out characteristics of the human person that we may not see in other settings, such as at work, school, etc. Meals are vitally important, and in this day and age they have been disregarded as a waste of time, another one of Satan’s tactics that we fell for. How long do you dine with family and friends? What sorts of conversations do you have? Are technological gadgets prohibited or allowed at your meals? Are certain topics of discussion off limits, or does anything go? How often do you gather with loved ones and just savor the food and the time together? When was the last time you all had a hearty laugh at the meal table? Share your take with Jerry and Debbie on Thursday.


My Wish Is…

If you were granted one wish – just one – and it had to be for the entire world, what would it be? Share with us your wish for the world to use a Christian term, your prayer for the world. We all want something for this beautiful world. On Wednesday, Jerry and Debbie give you a chance to speak it loudly to the world that is listening. Take advantage of this unique opportunity!

Take2_071818- wish

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What Is The Greatest Quality Humans Possess?

Take2_071718- human-quality.jpg

Humans have the capacity to be and capability to do so many things.  We know that from all the incredible achievements and advancements we have made in this world. The intellect though is one aspect of humanity.  God has bestowed so many more gifts and qualities to us that sometimes we may not fully realize or appreciate them all.  If you had to name the greatest quality we have as humans what would it be?  And do you demonstrate that quality or do you just wish others would? Interesting topic and one that we need your help with.  Call us, 1-833-288-3986.


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What Would You Like to Hear in Homilies?

We know that the priest or deacon addresses the readings at Mass in the course of their homilies. But how many homilies do you really remember? Some clergy have a skilled way of bringing real life circumstances into the homily, thus providing a practical approach on living out the gospel message. This has lasting effects in the lives of the faithful. But many times the homily is solely focused on the readings and provides little real life application. Maybe that is why many folks say they cannot remember the homily after leaving Mass. If you could suggest topics that Father/Deacon could weave into their homilies, what would they be? Share your take on Monday when Jerry returns to the show after his short summer break!

T2-7-16-18- homily

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My Show Is Starting

T2-7-13-18- TV or not TV.jpg

If you watch TV, you probably have certain shows you like and look forward to.  Can you share with us your television viewing habits?  Do you like sitcoms, crime stories, reality shows, documentaries or mainly the news? What programs grab your attention?  We can learn a lot about one another and even our faith by knowing what captivates people.  We have heard of many folks that have EWTN on TV playing all day every day. Please share with us your experience, the amount of time you watch television in a day and what really interests you. Call us at, 1-833-288-3986.