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A Guardian Angel Just For You (Encore)

We are finishing anniversary week with your most requested topic, guardian angels.  We will be weaving in some catechesis on angels along with your stories of guardian angel experiences.  Hopefully, by the end of the show, you will have a new found appreciation for your guardian angel.  There is only one YOU, and there is a unique angel that was exactly matched just for YOU, by God Himself…Please listen to the entire show if you want to begin or even deepen your relationship with your personal angel.  If you have a story to share about your guardian angel, please call in at 1-833-288-3986

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On a Mission From God

On Tuesday, Jerry and Debbie welcome Fr. Cedric Pesegna to the program. He is a member of the St. Paul of the Cross Province of the Passionists. He is also a frequent contributor to EWTN and other Christian media outlets. We’ll talk about his ministry and how we can all join the Lord’s mission field. Don’t miss it!

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Approaching the Eucharist Properly

The past several months have – hopefully – increased our hunger to receive Jesus in the Eucharist. Has that been the case for you? What about for the more than two thirds of Catholics who do not truly believe in His Real Presence in the Eucharist? On Monday, let’s talk about how each of us intentionally prepares to receive Holy Communion with the greatest possible reverence, making sure that we don’t do so in a scattered, distracted, irreverent sort of way.

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How Did You Propose to Your Spouse?

There have been billions of marriage proposals throughout history. They have differed widely based on many factors. Many times we think of the “traditional” route of the man asking the woman’s father for his daughter’s hand in marriage. Other proposals have taken a much more creative approach. Looking back, how did you propose to your spouse? We can all learn a lot from this conversation on Friday. Please join us!

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God, I Need You Now!

On Thursday, be sure to call with your important – might we say “urgent” – prayer intentions. God knows everything we want or need before we ask Him. But He wants us to express our needs from our hearts. And, on our show, you can get the entire Take 2 Family around the world praying with you for your particular intentions. Call early to get an open phone line!

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In the News

It’s nearly impossible to avoid keeping on top of the things that are going on in the world, in our country, and even in our own neighborhoods. It seems like just waking up and putting our feet on the floor in the morning means we are going to hear the news from one source or another. Just about every day, we are struck by this or that particular issue that’s in the news. If something has grabbed your attention recently, be sure to call in and share it on Wednesday’s “In the News” show.

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Keeping Your Marriage Together

Maintaining a healthy, joyful, loving marriage has never been easy. But it can – and has – been done by countless couples. Yet, we all know how fiery the attack on marriage and the family has become in recent decades. There are, no doubt, forces trying to pull marriages apart that either didn’t exist several decades ago, or are much more prevalent today. On Tuesday, Jerry and Debbie invite you to share how your marriage, once on very rocky ground, has been turned around, and what were the key steps you and your spouse took to reconcile and strengthen your marriage. A lot of young husbands and wives will be listening, so, as always, you will be the teachers by your takes on this subject.

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What Is Your Favorite Prayer, and How Has it Changed Your Life?

It’s been said that prayer is the key to salvation. Without prayer, it’s nearly impossible to be saved. We know that our listeners are prayer warriors. So, on Monday, we’ll open the phones to learn what your favorite prayer is, and how it has changed your life. It will be a very inspiring show, one you don’t want to miss!

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Let Go And Let God

The response to our show on Thursday was once again more than we could get to on the air in the one hour that we have together. So, we’re going to do a part two on detachment on Friday. If you were on the line when the show ended, you move to the front of the line on Friday.

Mary Francis received this prayer in her Eucharistic Adoration time on Thursday, and shared it with the world on the program:

Take my fear, and turn it to FAITH.
Take my anxiety, and turn me toward ADORATION.
Take my panic, and instill in me your PEACE.
Take my worry….and make me a WARRIOR.

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Let Go and Let God!

When we think of the virtue of detachment, we think of getting rid of material things and such. We may even think about detaching from distractions (gadgets) so we can focus on God. But did you know that St. Therese of Lisieux really worked on the detachment from the “outcome” of things. She was not attached to what the result would be. She had normal thoughts, feelings and desires about things, which is good. But, she quickly realized that the attachment or control over the outcome leaves very little room for God to work His plan and show His magnificence. Share with us how you have let go and let God…1-833-288-3986