Take 2

with Jerry & Debbie


Have You Ever “Paid It Forward?” Part 1

“Paying it forward” is an expression that has to do with performing unexpected acts of kindness for another person. For example, if someone in the latte line in front of you surprisingly pays for yours, instead of seeking to return the favor to that person, you buy one for the person in line behind you. It can mean a lot of other things as well. On Tuesday, let’s talk about those opportunities we’ve made use of to “pay it forward” for someone else.

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Do You Have a Nickname, And Do You Like It?

At some point in our lives – perhaps most often when we’re young – we take on a nickname. It could be one we choose for ourselves, or one “imposed” upon us by a sibling, a classmate, a neighbor. We’ll talk a look at nicknames, and whether we like them or not, on Friday’s show.