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Who Says You Can’t Go Home?

In today’s world, people are freer than ever to leave home, move to distant places, try to make it on their own. It’s very understandable. It’s built into our nature. But we all come from a certain “place,” often a place where our families have established long, deep roots. Not infrequently, after trying to make it “out there,” we find that “there’s no place like home.” Have you taken that solo journey, only to find that you longed to return to be close to your family and friends? Share your take with Jerry and Debbie and the world on Tuesday.go-home

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People Are Watching Me!


It can happen at work. In traffic. In the home when your kids drive you crazy. Life presents us with all sorts of opportunities to act like Jesus in the midst of very challenging circumstances. When our patience is tested, our faith is tried, and we just want to give the world a piece of our mind. Inevitably, those around you will either be blessed or scandalized by your reaction or response.  Join us for this fascinating discussion by calling, 1-800-585-9396.

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Honor the teacher that shaped your life.

WE ARE LIVE: Take 2  travels to Anaheim, California to broadcast LIVE from the Los Angeles Religious Education Congress.


Almost all of us can recall that special teacher that left a positive impact in our lives.  Saturday’s LIVE broadcast is the perfect show for you to honor that special person in your life.  Some teachers, coaches, scout leaders have literally changed the future of young lives just by their devotion to those that they lead.  An encouraging comment, a show of concern may be just what a student needs to feel empowered to explore their God-given gifts and talents.  Teachers are invaluable and this show will focus on their important role in the formation of our youth.  Call 1-800-585-9396 to be on the show.

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Bring Up Anything You Want on Friday!

Friday’s show will be the next “Unscripted” edition with Jerry and Debbie. What’s rolling around in your mind or on your heart? You set the table with your choice of topic or insightful take. You can ask Jerry or Debbie questions about their lives and ministries, comment on something that’s currently in the news, tell someone dear to you how much you love them – in short, whatever you would like to bring up. We look forward to talking with you soon!

WE ARE LIVE: Take 2  travels to Anaheim, California to broadcast LIVE from the Los Angeles Religious Education Congress.



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Mixed-Race Marriages and Families

On Thursday, Jerry and Debbie welcome your takes on being part of a mixed-race marriage or family. The Church has always celebrated the universality of her members and the entire human race. People of different races and cultures have a tremendous amount of gifts to offer to one another. This is particularly true when they come together in the same family. If you have experience with this, be sure to call with your take. We look forward to hearing from you! (P.S. The lower picture is Jerry’s sister, Mary, and her husband, Larry. Sincere thanks to all of you who have been praying for her. She passed away on February 7, and her funeral was February 15).




Do You Appreciate Classical Music?

There are many different forms of music. All good forms require talent and synchronization among performers. But when listening to classical music, typically performed by orchestras or symphonies, it’s hard to imagine a collection of musical artists performing on the same page like they do, with such precision. And there’s a certain beauty in classical music that is absent in some other forms of music. Of course, the Church has been blessed by countless sacred compositions over the centuries. Let’s talk about this, and how we can all perhaps grow in our appreciation of classical music.



Encouraging a Struggling Child

We had a great conversation on Monday about how to encourage and accommodate a child who exhibits the capacity to excel at academics, music, sports or any other human endeavor. Lots of great takes were shared by our listeners. We also realize that some kids need a little extra prodding or encouragement to fulfill their God-given potential. That’s what we’ll talk about on Tuesday’s show. If you’re the parent, family member, teacher, neighbor or friend of a child who struggles to reach his or her potential, let’s talk about ways that they can be encouraged, motivated and helped in any way to achieve the heights God wants for them.