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with Jerry & Debbie

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Have Tears Been Cleansing For You?

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Part 2 of this amazing discussion continues on Thursday…Call in, 1-833-288-3986.


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Have Tears Been Cleansing For You?

It’s been said that, “Into every life a little rain must fall.” Similarly, no one can make it through life without shedding some tears. For some of us, that means many tears. Tears of sadness. Tears of grief. Tears of pain. Tears of joy. Tears of gratitude. Many studies have pointed to the cleansing power of crying tears. If there’s been a time in your life – maybe more than one time – when you found yourself shedding multitudes of tears, are you now able to look back and say that those difficult periods brought cleansing to your soul? Let’s talk about this on Wednesday.

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Ladies, Tell Us How You Thrive in Your Faith

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Ok ladies, it is your turn to share with the world how you thrive in your faith.  The men did an outstanding job yesterday inspiring and encouraging us with their personal faith practices.  Now it is time to focus on the women of faith.  Please call us Tuesday and share with the rest of the world your recipe for spiritual success. We are not asking you to boast about your prayer life, but rather to let us in on how you have deepened your relationship with God. We can all benefit from what you are willing to share.  1-833-288-EWTN


Guys, Tell Us How You Thrive In Your Faith

On Monday, Jerry and Debbie will welcome calls from the men who listen to the show. We want to talk about “manly spirituality,” what types of things you do to thrive in your Christian faith and your overall relationship with God. It could be things like prayer, works of mercy, volunteering, being the best husband and father you can be, etc. It all goes into being a dependable and holy man of God. We’re not asking you to brag on yourself. We want you to share your high’s and low’s, up’s and down’s, so you can educate and inspire other men who will be listening!

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Humble Beginnings

Much like we’re not born and don’t instantly become adults, so in our professional lives we have to “pay dues” in order to reach the career dreams and goals we have when we’re young. To do that often requires us to take whatever job(s) we can when we’re getting started, work our hardest, take on extra duties and shifts, etc. In today’s world, it seems that a large number of young people expect to climb the corporate ladder in little or no time. Let’s have a conversation about this on Friday, and share with us how you may have had very humble beginnings to what eventually became a very fruitful working life.

T2- 01-9-19- First jobs

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What’s the Most Beautiful Thing About the One You Love?

Thursday is Valentine’s Day. Of course, we celebrate the memory of a great Catholic saint. But the world has made it about flowers, candy, cards and jewelry. But love is still the dominant theme. And we will be asking you to call and share the most beautiful thing about someone you love, whether it’s your spouse, a son or daughter, a sibling, your best friend. It can be his or her physical appearance, or something deeper than that. Lines will fill up fast, and will remain full for the entire show. So, be sure to call early and join the discussion!

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Part Two : What One Time Liability Has Become a Strength…?

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It might have been a physical handicap. Perhaps you weren’t the brightest student in your class. Maybe you used to be really shy and afraid to appear or speak in public. Things change in life, and often what were once liabilities for us become great strengths. Has this happened to you? If so, by all means, call and share your experience on Tuesday’s show. As always, what you share will surely inspire and bless many others who are listening, including some who may feel right now that something is hindering them from being the best they can be. They may learn from you how to turn that into one of their greatest assets. Call us, 1-833-288-EWTN.