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Talking About Co-Dependency


St Augustine said, “Our hearts are restless oh Lord, until they rest in You.” Such a true statement, yet many of us seem to want to fill this void in our hearts by seeking out human love at all costs.  Our need for love is incredibly strong and it is even heightened if, as children, there was a lack of love exhibited.  Co-dependent relationships on the surface appear to fill this strong desire for love and affection.  However, these kinds of relationships tend to lead to destructive patterns and negative outcomes for one or both parties concerned. There is a call to be dependent on one another not just for our temporal needs but for eternal goals.  Our dependency on each other should be healthy and ultimately help us into heaven, as in the case of marriage.  Let’s talk about all forms of dependency with co-dependency being the first we tackle. Share your take on this by calling, 1-800-585-9396.


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I Am Woman!


We have heard it said that women can and should have it all.  The spectacular house, the incredible husband, the bright children and the successful career.  Women are masters at multi-tasking so having it all seems like a realistic goal, but is it?  Maybe you have the career and the husband but adding the kids seems overwhelming.  Maybe you think you have it all, but your spiritual life along with volunteering is basically nonexistent.  Or maybe you became clever in your approach and utilized a team around you to pick up the slack in daily life.  Let’s talk about this notion of attaining it all and see if it really is beneficial to women or not.  Jerry is traveling on Monday so please don’t leave me alone with this topic.  Call in to 1-800-585-9396 and let’s discuss because others are listening and learning.

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Would You Run For Political Office?

With all the contentiousness in politics today, it’s hard to imagine anyone with any integrity and a sense of wanting to safeguard their family running for political office. Yet, some people feel a call to try to make a difference in this sphere. Would you allow your family to be dragged through the mud of a political campaign? Would you expose yourself and your loved ones to the red-hot scrutiny of the media? Not to mention the lies? As a devout believer, do you think you could make a difference? Share your insightful take on Friday’s show!


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Do You Or Your Spouse Make the First Move Toward Reconciliation?

There may have been one marriage in the history of humanity where there were no arguments or disagreements (the Holy Family). In all others, there is bound to be strife. The beautiful side of that is that it provides opportunities for husband and wife to grow closer together through apologies and reconciliation. The opposite side leaves the door open for either spouse waiting for the other to “make the first move” when it comes to apologizing, forgiving, etc. In your marriage, do you believe that you or your spouse is more eager to make up and move on? Maybe it’s a fifty-fifty split? What has been the fruit of you humbling yourself before your wife or husband and, if necessary, even “falling on your sword” in order to keep peace in the marriage and family? Share your experience with Jerry and Debbie – and the world – on Thursday!


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Have You Ever Felt Used By Others?

The Christian life means nothing if it doesn’t mean putting others before ourselves. St. Paul writes in Romans 12:10 that we should “outdo one another in showing honor.” Unfortunately, in every age there are people who are looking out for themselves before they look out for the welfare of others. So, when we defer to others, and do our best to put them above ourselves, they can take advantage of us. Have you had this experience? Maybe it’s happened to you over and over again. A co-worker who asks you to handle their appointed tasks. An irresponsible family member who turns to you for financial help all the time. A friend who asks to borrow your car all the time instead of taking public transportation. It’s great to help all of these people. But how much is too much? Do you ever get the sense that others are using you? That you’re letting yourself be used? It’s important to establish boundaries that are appropriate in all of your interpersonal relationships. Have you managed to do that successfully, while still being generous to those in need? Share your take on this topic on Wednesday.


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Whose Fingerprints Are On Your Life?

As we go through life, we are influenced by so very many people. A lot of them go unnoticed. Others, we are very aware of. Maybe it was your mom or dad. Perhaps an educator. Perhaps a coach or a neighbor. Has there been someone – maybe more than one person – in your life who said or did something that you now look back on and realize that his or her “fingerprints” are on everything you accomplish? It’s like tossing a pebble on a pond. The “ripple effect” is noticeable. Virtually every human interaction we have makes its mark on who we become and the influence we have in the world. So, again, here’s the question: Whose fingerprints are on the legacy you’re leaving as you live your life?


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The Birds and the Bees In the 21st Century

The days seem to be long gone when mom or dad sat down each child and had “that talk” about the birds and bees. As the first and primary educators of your children, you have to be sensitive to presenting them with age-appropriate information about human sexuality. Do you do that? Or do your own past mistakes make you feel unequipped to impart to your children lessons about chastity and purity? Or, worse yet, do you learn the things they’re involved in and cringe at the thought that you never would have done that when you were young? We have to maintain a grip on this most crucial and sensitive area of our children’s development. If we don’t, guess who will? Their peers. Their social media contacts. Magazines like Teen Vogue. As a parent, it’s unimaginable that you would want that to happen. Share your take Monday on how and when you guide your children in the proper ways of understanding and appreciating God’s plan for human sexuality. 

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