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Do You Have Peace That a Deceased Loved One Is With God?

While we usually don’t have an absolute certainty about the eternal fate of our loves ones (with the exception of those beatified and canonized by the Church), we should still hold out great hope for their salvation. For some, this is more difficult than others, often depending on the way their deceased loved one lived here on earth. Our God is a Father of mercy, of compassion, of doing all that He can to woo us toward Himself. How are you with this notion? Do you have a certain confidence that your loved ones are with the Lord (even if a little time in Purgatory occurs along the way)? Or, do you find yourself constantly worrying about their soul? It can be difficult losing someone we love dearly. But “letting go” and trusting that they are in the merciful arms of God can help to bring us peace of mind and heart. Share your take on this with Jerry and Debbie on Monday.



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February Unscripted

On Friday, Jerry and Debbie fielded calls and takes on all sorts of topics on their February “Unscripted” show. As promised, here is the link Jerry talked about pertaining to yoga that is found on EWTN’s website.


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February’s Unscripted


Our monthly Unscripted show is upon us!  Your turn to ask anything, revisit past shows, or maybe you just want to suggest a topic for an upcoming broadcast.  It is your call, because it is your show.  Unscripted is always a great way for us to get to know one another just a little bit better.  Please join us by calling, 1-833-288-3986.  Or text us, email us, whatever you prefer.


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“Doctor, Doctor, Give Me the News!”

Many people are a little apprehensive about even routine visits to the doctor. We hear so many stories of people going in for a check up and receiving devastating news. This might help explain what’s called “white coat syndrome,” and how a lot of people’s blood pressure soars when it’s taken in the doctor’s office. Other people don’t give a second thought to going to their doctor. Tell us how you feel about this very necessary – but sometimes anxiety-filled – part of our lives. In a very real way, it has a lot to do with trust and surrender to the will of God.



Cleanliness Is Next to…


Ideally, we would all like to live in a dwelling that would pass muster with Better Homes and Gardens. Just one little thing gets in the way of that: Life. We’re busy. We have jobs to go to. Kids to raise. Errands to run. Activities to attend. Pets who mess things up. Share your take on how you maintain a clean and neat house – without stressing if every now and then it looks a little disheveled. Sometimes the mess we see on the outside is a reflection of our interior lives. Other times, it’s simply a matter of striking a balance between doing our best to keep things clean and not losing our minds if things get a little messy. Share your take on this topic on Wednesday with Jerry and Debbie.


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Guys, What Has Brought You to Your Knees?

On Tuesday, Jerry and Debbie – and you – will go deep as we invite men to call in and share your experiences of having been driven to your knees by the circumstances of life. Perhaps it was a relationship that didn’t work out. Estrangement from a spouse or child. Realizing you couldn’t battle a certain sin on your own. Men often think it’s a sign of weakness to cry, to grieve, to be “brought to their knees” by life’s challenges. Tell us of a time when you were literally brought to your knees by things outside of your control, and how that changed your life, God-willing, for the better.


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Walk the Walk, Talk the Talk


If we are to be inspiring Christian witnesses, then it is essential that we practice what we preach.  Walking the walk and talking the talk, can be difficult, especially in today’s culture.  This world is quick to remove the splinter from of our neighbor’s eye before removing the plank from our own.  To be a Christian today, we must set the bar higher and focus on being authentic.  If our goal is to win hearts for the Lord, then we must begin with ourselves. How do you live as a person of your word?  Let’s have a candid discussion on this topic.  Call us at, 1-833-288-EWTN(3986)