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Have You Raised a Child With Special Needs?

On Friday, we’ll be pre-empted by EWTN’s great coverage of the Triduum. We pray that you are richly blessed over the coming days, especially as we remember Jesus’ glorious resurrection on Sunday. To start next week, we want to hear from you if you have raised – or are currently raising – children with special needs. Sometimes, these are our biological children. Other times, couples choose to adopt these beautiful kids. In either case, let’s celebrate their inherent worth and dignity by talking about the blessings they are, or have been, in your lives.

T2- April 22-2019- Special Needs


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Return to Sender

T2- April 18-2019- Return2Sender

We were created for God and made to be united with Him.  So the question we are asking on Holy Thursday is, where do you think you are headed?  Are you on a path to ultimately be united with God for all of eternity?  As we enter the Triduum, let’s have a real deep conversation about where we are today and where we would like to be.  This can be a life changing, soul changing conversation with your participation.  Please call us at 1-833-288-3986.

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Men And the Church

Guys, it’s your turn to call the show on Wednesday. On Tuesday, we asked the ladies to call and share how being Catholic has enabled them to flourish and thrive, not only in their faith lives, but in life in general. There were some amazing calls, which you can hear by listening to the archive of the program once it’s posted. So, men, how do you live out your Catholic faith with joy? How does being Catholic make a difference in your life. Is your life in high gear because of your Catholic faith? Let us hear from you on Wednesday!

T2- April 17-2019- Men-Church

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Women And the Church

On Tuesday, join Jerry and Debbie and share your take on being a woman in today’s Catholic Church. The Church is often accused of being anti-woman, and of not giving women a fair opportunity to serve Christ and His Body. We want to know what you think, and how you do live out your faith and thrive as Catholic women. We expect this to be a lively conversation, so be sure you tune in early and call early!

T2- April 16-2019- Women-Church

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It’s Holy Week!

T2- April 15-2019- holy-week.jpg

This topic was suggested by Debbie, one of our loyal listeners to Take 2.  On Monday’s show, we would like to know what are some of your Holy Week traditions in your home, parish or community.  We will share the practice of visiting 3, 6 or 7 churches on Holy Thursday and what that tradition means to us.  We would like you to share as well, by calling 1-833-288-3986.  Let’s pray that the sharing that happens on the show allows each of us to enter into Holy Week in a much deeper way.



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What Is Your Best Method of Learning?

From the moment we’re born, we are learning new things. Our entire lives are filled with taking in fresh information, discovering new ways of doing things, and becoming the best version of ourselves. Some learn better by being shown how to do something (visual). Others grow in their understanding by reading how to do things (reading). Still others tend to learn better by being told about something (audible). On Friday, share which method of learning has served you best during your lifetime.


T2- April 12-2019-learn

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Eulogize Me!

There’s only one way out of this world, and that’s death. We’re all going to experience it someday. Which means our family, friends, loved ones – the rest of the world – will be left to remember us in their own unique way. We don’t have to worry about leaving a “legacy.” What matters most is hearing the Lord say, “Well done, good and faithful servant.” But we all will want to be remembered fondly, for having done good to others, for having left the world a little better for having inhabited it. With that in mind, if you could anticipate what someone would say in your eulogy, what would it be? Thats what we’ll talk about on Thursday’s show.

T2- April 11-2019- funeral