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My kids won’t talk to me anymore

4-25-2018--parent_alien (1)

April 25th is Parental Alienation Awareness Day.  Millions of families in the United States are affected by this tragedy.  Being estranged from your children is not normal and it has devastating effects on all parties.  The world is not kind about this situation either.  That is why so many families simply slip into silence about this growing epidemic in our midst.  The evil one wants to tear apart families and parental alienation is another diabolical step in that direction.  Let’s have a deep discussion about this painful reality.  Call us at 1-833-288-3986.


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Where Are You?


Our spiritual life is a complex journey.  We can be in the seeking mode, on fire for the Lord stage, in a dry phase or maybe just ambivalent when it comes to the faith.  Wherever you are on the quest to know, love and serve God, that is the reality of the situation. It is kind to affirm one another on the spiritual path, but it is truly a gift when we can inspire others to grow deeper in their faith.  Let’s have a real discussion on where we are at, and where we would like to be with God.  Call us at 1-833-288-3986.





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Loving Them “Home”

When a family member or friend abandons the practice of the Catholic faith, it can be a real blow to those who know and love them, especially those whose faith and devotion are strong. While God alone can judge the disposition of such a person’s heart, there remains the objective concern we have for the destiny of their immortal soul. Undoubtedly, we’ve all known someone who walked away from the Church. How did you respond? Did you try all sorts of intellectual or theological arguments to get them to return? When that didn’t work, did you resort to simply loving them with all your heart and living your faith in such a way that it helped to bring them back to the Church? Share your take on this crucial topic, as it will surely help many others who are experiencing the pain and heartache of someone dear to them who has left the faith behind.




I Can’t Live Without It

The history of mankind is one of creation and invention. Quite understandably, we’re always looking for ways to get things done more quickly and more efficiently. Today, our homes and lives are filled with tools, gadgets, appliances, furniture – you name it. It’s easy to become very attached to all of these things. Not so much in a “possessive” way, but more along the lines of depending on them on a frequent, perhaps even daily basis. On Friday, Jerry and Debbie will ask you to share what you would have difficulty living without. Debbie has established one rule: you can’t say your cell phone 🙂



Spouses Living as Singles

Marriage is the most intimate relationship on the planet. Husbands and wives truly become “one flesh,” as the Bible says, when they are joined in holy matrimony. Does that mean they have to morph all of their likes, interests, hobbies, etc., into things they share in common? Of course not. Diversity in this regard can be a very good thing. But there are some couples who, while perhaps still loving and honoring one another, get to a place where their lives are so divergent that they’re essentially living as singles. Things like watching TV in separate rooms of the house, eating meals at different times, taking vacations by themselves and so on. Let’s discuss this and hear your experience if this describes your marriage.


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You’re a Life Saver!

It doesn’t happen every day. In fact, for most of us it will never happen. We’ll likely never be on the scene of a life-threatening emergency, let alone find ourselves thrust into action to help save someone’s life. Of course, first responders deal with this on a regular basis. But not the average citizen. If you are a first responder, or have otherwise figured into the saving of someone’s life, call and share your experience on Wednesday’s show.


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Is There a “Hierarchy” of Communication?

Interpersonal communication has changed drastically in recent decades. Many of us remember the days when we had a “party line” for our home telephone, corresponded exclusively by writing and mailing letters, and so forth. Today, with all the different means of communicating with each other, should we consider there to be a sort of “hierarchy” of importance attached to these different forms of correspondence? For example, if you call someone, that can give the impression that your interest in talking with them is more serious or urgent than if you send them an e-mail. And texting may be a way that you communicate with someone when it’s less urgent than calling, but still more important than e-mailing someone. How do you view this phenomenon? How do you approach these different forms of communication? Let’s talk about it on Tuesday.