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Do You Feel Alone In Your Struggle?

Every one of us goes through struggles in life. Yours may be loneliness, fear, insecurity, a relationship that isn’t working out, children who have left the faith. It’s easy to believe that we are alone in what we’re going through. The truth is, God is with us, and many others are going through identical difficulties. Let’s talk about this on Thursday. And, remember, your takes drive the show!



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Have We Lost Respect for the U.S.?

In the past, burning the United States flag has been a hot-button issue. More recently, we’ve seen high profile individuals such as professional football players refuse to stand during the playing of the national anthem. Some have said that the latter gesture is not meant to disrespect our country. Rather, it’s a sign of frustration over the treatment of a certain segment of our population by another segment of the population. How do you feel about these public displays? Should something like flag burning be protected under the banner of “freedom of speech?” Do you believe people like athletes who use their respective platforms to make social or political statements should be told to do so “on their own time?” This discussion could even include the myriad protests and demonstrations that were held during and after the recent presidential election. What has happened to civility and respect for America? Join the conversation with your take on Wednesday.



I Told You Not to Call Me!

Several years ago, there was a big dust up surrounding the frustration voiced by people over being bothered by phone solicitors and telemarketers. Remember the so-called “Do Not Call List?” It seems that hasn’t had much impact on people no longer being bothered by solicitors. Do you still get interrupted at all hours – especially the least convenient ones – of the day by people trying to sell you something, get you to sign up for something, or, worst of all, automated calls telling you you’ve won some great prize? What do you do? Do you listen charitably? Do you hang up on them? Do you ask or tell them never to call you again? Some people even engage the person calling in long conversations, even turning the tables on them in terms of their time. Share you take with Jerry and Debbie and the world on Tuesday’s show.


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How Do the Four Seasons Mirror the Spiritual Life?

Do you live in a region where there are four distinct seasons? Perhaps you don’t, but you still love the different seasons as they change. It’s often said that the spiritual life is a lot like our earthly lives. We see in both – as mirrored in the changing seasons – dying, rising, sunshine, darkness, storms, calm, etc. Let’s have a lively conversation about this on Monday. Call with your take – 800-585-9396. Or text Jerry and Debbie by sending the letters EWTN to 55000.



I love the trees in the wintertime, when they stand bold against the sky
It almost seems like they’re waiting there for our Blessed Lord to pass by.

To renew their life, make them whole again, and clothe them in a beautiful array.
The same as he does with our precious souls when we turn after going astray. 

But we don’t have to wait for the Lord to come like the trees await the spring,
For he’s always there to welcome us back – no matter what transgressions we bring.

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How to be a Christian during the holiday shopping frenzy.


It is a shopping nightmare out there!  People pushing, shoving, impatient with one another.  Then, there are the well-meaning families that are struggling to maintain joy while shopping with their kids.  We have all seen and heard it.  The mom or dad shouting at their kids while Christmas shopping.  No! Stop it! Put it back on the shelf! We can’t go eat yet, I am not done getting gifts for everyone on my list!  If you ask me one more time, there will be nothing for you under the tree!  How does it always seem to happen, what should be the most glorious season of the year, instead brings out the worst in people in public. Well, we don’t have to give into this world and lower ourselves any longer.  We can turn our shopping nightmares into spiritual experiences.  Let’s put our ideas together and share them on Friday’s Take 2 with Jerry and Debbie.  1-800-585-9396.


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Prepare the Way: The Heart of Advent


Advent is a grace filled, sacred season for us to get ready for the birth of our Savior.  Many people don’t know how to prepare during Advent.  Some don’t even fully understand the purpose of Advent.  Others enter into this time of the Church year with a great sense of anticipation and a prayerful heart.  Our conversation will be about how we can fully embrace Advent so that when Christmas comes our joy and understanding of the Messiah is deep within our hearts.  Share your Advent traditions with us by calling, 1-800-585-9396.

National Catholic Register’s Worst Nativity Scenes Ever ::  www.ncregister.com/blog/matthew-archbold/the-worst-nativity-sets.-ever