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Remind Me…

As we get older, it’s not as easy to remember things as it once was. And, today, with technology and gadgets to help us remember and keep track of virtually everything, we don’t have to commit things to memory or tie a string around our finger like we used to. Is your memory still strong? Do you find yourself forgetting what you were going to do, even as soon as after taking a few steps down the hall toward whatever that was? Do you exercise your brain and your mind by engaging in various games and exercises? Let’s talk about this on Thursday.

3-22-18_ memory


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A Look at L-O-V-E

In 1984, the band Foreigner released their song, “I Want to Know What Love Is.” Of course, they weren’t the first ones to ask that age-old question. The Bible tells us that God is love. That should be our standard when entering into a conversation about what authentic love is. Unfortunately, given humanity’s fallen nature, there are now countless understandings and definitions of “love.” St. Paul talks about “speaking the truth” in love. Love separated from truth is not love. In fact, it can amount to a violation of one’s true dignity. How can we converse with today’s world about love, when there is so much confusion about what it really means? That’s our topic for discussion – and your takes – on Wednesday’s show. Please join us!

3-21-18_ what is love

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The Adventure of Life

3-20-18_ Do you embrace life.jpg

The question we are asking on Tuesday’s show is this, do you embrace life?  Do you accept all that life has to offer, which includes the ups, downs, twists and turns. Life is an adventure.  If we allow ourselves to experience every element of this incredible journey then life becomes an extraordinary experience similar to that of an amusement park roller coaster ride.  So many emotions are felt on a roller coaster.  That is what life is like.  So where are you with this question.  Do you embrace life or do you endure life?  Please share with us your life’s journey so that we can learn and grow from what you have to share.  1-833-288-3986(EWTN).

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The Fallout From Divorce

The Fallout From Divorce


We are LIVE this Saturday at the L.A. Religious Education Congress.  Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!!  We decided to pick a topic that impacts most every one of us.  The Fallout From Divorce is the title and sadly it speaks for itself.  We know that the real casualties of divorce are the children.  They did not ask for the divorce and the last thing they wanted is to have a house divided.  Divorce may be inevitable at times for a multitude of reasons, but that still does not change the reality that the children and the adults are forever impacted and not in a positive way.  This is a difficult subject to address because everyone has their own unique set of circumstances.  But, it is a topic we must talk about because unfortunately divorce is rampant in today’s culture. ​ Jerry and Debbie will be able to speak from experience on this matter and we hope you weigh in as well, by calling, 1-833-288-3986(EWTN).

Here are some resources from today’s show!

Worldwide Marriage Encounter – www.wwme.org


Retrouvaille – www.helpourmarriage.org


Rose Sweet – www.rosesweet.com


Behind the Bullies

Bullying has been around forever. Every generation sees its share of it. It’s always ugly, and never acceptable. On Friday, live from the annual Los Angeles Religious Education Congress, Jerry and Debbie will tackle this thorny topic – as always, with your insights and wisdom. There’s no doubt that bullying has taken on new dimensions in our day, especially with the ability of people to harass one another via social media. How prevalent is this in your lived experience? Do you have or know kids who have been bullied? Perhaps you yourself have been a victim. With all the emphasis on “tolerance” and “diversity,” why is that there are still so many among us who make life miserable for others, sometimes to the point of encouraging them to take their own lives? Be sure to join us for what should be a lively discussion.

RESOURCES: Stompoutbullying.org



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Bucket of Tears


What fills us with sorrow, what pains us? We have shed so many tears in hopes that God hears us.  If you could fill a vessel with the tears that have been poured out from your heart, what size vessel would that fill?  A coffee cup, or a paint bucket, or maybe even a 50-gallon container or more. Our tears are never wasted but they sure do add up.  Let’s talk about this and more on Thursday’s Take 2 with Jerry and Debbie.  Call in and share from real emotion. 1-833-288-3986.