Take 2 with Jerry & Debbie

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Feb 6th– Are you ever discouraged by your sins?

Feb 7th-Are You Upholding Your New Year’s Resolutions?

Feb 8th-God is Never Late

Feb 9th-What would your autobiography be titled?

Feb 10th-What Christian song inspires you in your faith?

Feb 13th If you have been in prison or arrested for any reason, how did God speak to you through that experience?

Feb 14th-All About Relationships

Feb 15th-Who would you like to apologize to?

Feb 16th-Urgent Prayer Request

Feb 17th-What movie does your family like to watch together?

Feb 20th– Do you ever have issues receiving love?

Feb 21st– what fortune have you lost? (any type of material wealth)?

Feb 22nd-Ash Wednesday: How are you preparing for Lent?

Feb 23rd– What struggles have you been through as a parent?


Feb 27th– Angel Stories

Feb 28th-Highway To Heaven

Mar 1st– Tell Us Your Best (Clean) Joke?

Mar 2nd-Who do you still visit at the cemetery?

Mar 3rd-The True Presence

Mar 6th-What words/eulogy do you wish you had said at a loved one’s funeral?

Mar 7th-Who or What Are You Praying for?

Mar 8th-What games does your family like to play?

If you have topic suggestions, send them to us at take2@ewtn.com