Take 2 with Jerry & Debbie

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June 12- Are You Getting Ready to Move Somewhere?

June 13- How do you de-stress?

June 14-Life is a Rollercoaster

June 15- Urgent Prayer Intentions

June 16- What comes to mind when you think of your Dad?

June 19-Aboration Anguish

June 20-Tell us of a time you fell into despair and how’d you rise above it?

June21- What’s the most “real” you’ve ever been with God?

June 22- All About Relationships

June 23-Eternal motivation

June 26-Conversion version

June 27- What’s your favorite way to spend a day off?

June 28- Pay it Forward: When have you been blessed by a stranger?

June 29- Recovery From


July 3-Independence Show

July 4-Guest Matt Maher

July 5- Whom or What Are You Praying For?

July 6- What’s the best advice someone ever gave you?

July 7-The True Presence

July 10-What teacher impacted you as a student?

July 11-Urgent Prayer Intentions

July 12-What’s the quirkiest product you know of?

July 13- Do you love or hate attending meetings?

July 14-What year was pivotal in who you are today?

July 17-How has dementia affected your family?

July 18-What other decade do you wish you had grown up in?

July 19-All About Relationships

July 20-What struggles have you faced with you adult kids?

July 21-How has the absence or presence of your Dad impacted your life?

July 24th-Did you fight your divorce?

July 25-Little Red Corvette

July 26-Where are you “from?” Home Celebration

July 27-What is your favorite Novena and Why?

July 28-What snacks do you keep in your desk drawer or office?


Aug 1-How has an illness brought you closer to God and your Faith?

Aug 2-what are you looking forward to?

Aug 3-tell us about your strongest job interview

Aug 4- The True Presence

Aug 7- Do You Trust Your Spouse?

Aug 8- Whom or What Are You Praying for?

Aug 9- When do you wish you had taken action?

Aug 10- Are you living life or are you on autopilot?

Aug 11- How do you feel about “Self-Driving Cars”?

Aug 14- What was your lemonade stand?

Aug 15-Do you or someone you know have a pet nickname?

Aug 16- Urgent Prayer Intentions

Aug 17- Do you trust God more than the storm you are facing?

Aug 18- Are you ready for the new school year?

Aug 21- Are you constantly thinking about the past?

Aug 22- Do you worry about not having enough money?

Aug 23- All About Relationships

Aug 24- How do you handle gossip?

Aug 25- If you could invite one saint to join you for dinner, who would it be?

Aug 28-What’s your favorite day of the week & why?

Aug 29-Clean Joke

Aug 30- Tell us how you prepare to go to confession


Sept 1-The True Presence

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