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Let’s Pray!


The Take 2 Family is a praying family! We all should know that by now. Every day, we all are praying for listeners and members of the family who are in need. And, once a month we dedicate an entire show to letting you voice your personal intentions. On Monday, that’s what we’ll do. You can call them in, text them in, post on social media, e-mail us or post on the show’s website. At the end of the show, we save a few minutes to gather up all the important intentions and offer them collectively to the Lord.

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We read a praise report about these two adorable twin girls who were born very prematurely, and spent months in the hospital. They just celebrated their first birthday and their baptism, thanks in part to the prayers of the Take 2 Family!

4 thoughts on “Let’s Pray!

  1. Happy Birthday Jerry! I would like to put my son Connor in your prayers. He is a basketball player and is suffering from hip problems. He is starting his last year of college and would love for him to have a healthy year. He has had a rough college career, already missing 2 years due to his knee.


    • Tracey,

      Thanks for the birthday wishes. We were able to read your prayer request on the show today, so the whole world is praying for Connor and your family!


  2. Praying for my grandson, Henry, when born over 2yrs. ago had a bleeding on his brain and now cannot use his right arm and hand and was told he may not walk. Pray for his healing please. And Birthday Blessings for Jerry today as well.
    Thank you most kindly,


    • Thanks, Sara, for the kind wishes. We read your prayer on the show today, so there are lots of people praying for Henry and your family!


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