Take 2 with Jerry & Debbie

Is Someone Watching Over You?


As Catholics, we are vehemently opposed to anything having to do with attempting to communicate with the dead. But that’s different from times when so many of us have experienced things that for the most part can only be explained by the intercession of a loved one who is with God. For example, on the day Jerry and his brother-in-law made funeral and burial arrangements for Jerry’s sister, Mary, on the way back to their home there was a perfect rainbow arching right over their house. Jerry had said to his brother-in-law earlier in the day, “Maybe we’ll see a rainbow today as a sign from Mush (her nickname).” Have you had experiences that caused you to believe that maybe, just maybe, someone in heaven was watching over you? Let’s talk about it on Friday.

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2 thoughts on “Is Someone Watching Over You?

  1. Good topic today Jerry!

    Glad that you shared about your sister Mary and the rainbow. How wonderful and touching! I’m sure God sent that rainbow to you and your brother-in- Law for Mary.

    When my Dad died many years ago two ducks mysteriously appeared at his funeral and sat nearby on a tree limb facing us in the parking lot outside the Church where we were all standing and talking after the funeral. And it wasn’t even the right season of the year for the ducks to have been in town, so we figured these ducks had traveled a great distance from Mexico to Texas. There should not have been any ducks in town at this time of year.

    Why you say was this significant?

    Well, when I was around 8 or 9 years old, and my sister 10 or 11, my Dad bought us 6 ducks to keep and raise. Two were mine and two were my sisters and two were my Mother’s. I loved my ducks, Blackie and Whitey, a black duck and a white duck, very, very much. After school I’d rush out to play with them and feed and water them every single day and on weekends too.

    One day my Dad pulled me aside and told me that I had a very important decisive to make. He said that the ducks were growing up and he could clip their wings so that they could stay with us forever, (until they died), or that we could let them grow up naturally. If that happened then they would fly off somewhere and start their own families and we would probably never see them again. I choose to let them grow up, fly away, and have their own families, but greatly hoping and always believing they were the kind of ducks that had homing instincts in them and would return back to us. I always believed that my 2 ducks, even if the others didn’t, would come back to me. The ducks were gone one day and they never returned.

    Two days after my Father died as my family was all sitting around with out-of-state relatives. In reference to something said my sister made the comment to everyone that the ducks we once had had ended up in our neighbor’s freezer. I was shocked and horrified to here this.

    Apparently my Mom didn’t like the ducks messing up the patio area and in the patio constantly having to be washed off, so the ducks had been given to the neighbors for food. My sister thought that I had always known this all along for the past 30 years but I did not!

    I was truly horrified to find this out but I know that my Dad would never have told me what really happened to the ducks because I was considered tender-hearted and it would have broken my heart and I would have cried a lot, something my dear Dad could never handle when his two dearly beloved, and Daddy’s girls, daughters would cry. It would make him cry too.

    After the ducks, especially my 2 ducks, disappeared I would rush out to the back yard EVERY SINGLE DAY for at least the next 2 years to see if they had flown back to us to visit and with their young families in tow. I had ideas about them liking it so much on their visit that they would all decide to stay in Texas for good and then I’d have my ducks back for good!

    So when my very loving and Godly Father’s secret about the ducks, that he would never had shared with me when he was alive, came out just shortly after he died, there was no forgiveness on my part needed. I understood why he would never have told me what really happened to the ducks. And my Mom was just being herself.

    And so as my Dad’s funeral was concluding, and my sister and I were an emotional mess I sat there wondering how was I ever going to do without my Father in my life and then the 2 ducks appeared nearby. It was a sign to me in particular, that my dear Dad would always be with me somehow, and that goes for my heavenly Father as well. I was greatly comforted by those 2 “mystery” ducks and always have been, as I am sure you and your brother-in-law have been about Mary’s rainbow from God.

    God is so awesome!



  2. p.s. I believe that my Dad asked God to send those ducks to the funeral service just for my sister and me to encourage us, and to give us hope for the future, that life would go on even without Daddy.

    Toni in Texas


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