Take 2 with Jerry & Debbie

High-Tech Worship

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Gadgets have become so much a part of our lives. We take them with us and use them throughout our entire day. For some, this includes when they’re at Mass, in Confession or in other worship environments. It’s a great blessing to have apps on our phones that allow us to follow the daily Mass readings, prepare to make a good confession and improve our spiritual lives in countless other ways. Are you someone who utilizes technology in worship settings? Maybe you follow along at Mass on your phone instead of in the Missalette? Have you taken some sort of electronic device with you into the Confessional as a reminder of what you want to confess, how to prepare for Confession, say the appropriate prayers (like the Act of Contrition), etc.? It seems that every Church now announces at the beginning of Mass that we should turn off or silence our cell phones, so that they don’t become a distraction to others who are worshipping. What are your thoughts on making use of these amazing technological advances in the aforementioned ways? Call with your take on Tuesday.

T2- July 2-2019- gadgets

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