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Is Your City Dying, Part II

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There were so many calls, e-mails and social media comments on Tuesday’s show, we decided to do a part two on this topic:

A recent disturbing documentary titled, “Seattle Is Dying,” is a jaw-dropping expose of many cultural and societal ills that have nearly turned The Emerald City, long considered to be one of the most gorgeous places in the United States, into a gun-, drug- and filth-infested town. Not that there are no longer any beautiful and serene neighborhoods in and around the greater Seattle area. But the downtown core in particular has become like a desolate wasteland you’d perhaps see in a sci-fi movie. Seattle is not alone in its descent into the abyss. Many other parts of the country have either preceded Seattle, or are not far behind, in seeing this play out for them. The tent cities, the crime, the hypodermic needles, the empty liquor bottles, the weapons…the list goes on and on. And, to listen to some current and former law enforcement officers in Seattle, they are more often than not told not to enforce the laws regarding these circumstances. So, the question for you on Tuesday is, have you watched your beloved city go downhill in some very unfortunate ways? Do you feel helpless to do anything about it. Maybe your city is not dying in this fashion, but actually thriving today. Let’s have a conversation about this, since it touches upon so many areas of our faith.

T2- MAY 28-2019- die-city

One thought on “Is Your City Dying, Part II

  1. Dear Jerry & Debbie,

    Enjoyed your show today and glad that you are doing a Part II on it tomorrow. I did watch that “Seattle is Dying” documentary and it was very difficult to watch.

    I grew up and lived in San Antonio, TX most of my life and have family there. When I was growing up there was a very horrible crime rate on the city’s Riverwalk area. It got really bad! When the word got out about it SA starting losing it’s tourist dollars due to crime on the Riverwalk downtown. Then the local government realized that they couldn’t have that and finally acted to get the problem fixed, and it’s been fixed ever since!

    All this to say is that from my experience if you hit politicians in their pocketbooks and they have the threat of loss tourist dollar revenue, then they will act. Showing below is a letter I wrote to the Mayor of Seattle this evening which will be in my mailbox tomorrow to go out. I still agree with Jerry that it’s prayer and help all that we can but I do feel little better in sending this letter.

    It will be good to hear what other people think tomorrow on your show about the topic.

    Also, you both mentioned that you help homeless people, as do I. I’ve given money, clothing, bought them a meal, gift card, cash, and told them local resources that could help them. I wanted to pass along another idea to go along with that that seems to be successful. You may already know of it but I’ll pass it along to you anyway. The Goodie Bag idea is showing below after the letter.

    Thank you for all your hard work! I know that you must put in many hours in just Take2 alone. You are appreciated by a great many people I am sure!

    All the best!

    Blessings to you and yours,

    Toni in Texas


    May 28, 2019

    Attn: Mayor Jenny Durkan
    Seattle Mayor’s Office
    600 4th Ave Floor 7
    Seattle, WA 98104

    Greetings Mayor Durkan,

    Many years ago I was travelling through Seattle on my way to Whistler, Canada on a charter bus trip with other people. As we passed through Seattle around dusk I noticed how incredibly beautiful Seattle was. It had an ethereal look in the evening light. I wanted to get off the bus and check this city out for a day or so, so beautiful this city was, but I couldn’t do. I told myself that night that I would have to come back to Seattle on another trip to visit this incredible looking city.

    Today I say the documentary, Seattle is Dying, and I was horrified at what is happening in Seattle and to also know that the law enforcement officers are not being allowed to enforce the laws and help address this situation. Please let them do their jobs. Also, please help the homeless, which as you already know in many cases, are drug addicted and mentally ill people. Please have mercy and compassion on these people while helping all the people of Seattle to have a safer, cleaner, and more beautiful city once again.

    I know that you are a smart person to have been elected Mayor. I also know that you can figure out a solution to this even though the situation is a complex one. I am hoping and praying that you, the city council, and Seattle’s civic and community leaders will be able to figure what to do to make your city worth visiting and to prevent even more and more people moving away from there.

    I am only one insignificant person who lives in Texas. However, my hopes of visiting Seattle someday are now dashed unless you can help Seattle, “clean up its act”.

    You may not miss my tourist dollars and the money I would have spent in Seattle sightseeing the places I wanted to see but you will miss those of many others when they know what’s going on in Seattle.

    As for me I have access to email and social media and will tell my friends and family for their own safety NOT to go to Seattle.

    If I hear good news down the road about your city then I will visit what once looked like an incredibly beautiful place to visit.

    I wish the city of Seattle well and hope to see it someday.

    Best Regards,

    Toni K. Farmer
    115 Plaza Dr.
    Apt. 3009
    Kerrville, Texas 78028

    (830) 285-2011 (c)



    To give out to less fortunate people

    IDEA: To keep some Goodie Bags in your car to give out to homeless people as the need arises.

    HOW TO: Collect assorted items of your choice and place them in clear gallon sized zip lock bags.

    SUPPLIES: Some suggested items are as follows, but do as you see fit;
    Hotel sized Shampoo, Conditioner, and Hand Lotion bottles. *
    Small bars of Soap.
    A washcloth
    Hand sanitizers
    Toothbrush(es) and Toothpaste
    Dental Floss
    Comb & Hairbrush
    A small Mirror
    Small Tissue Packets
    Bottled Water
    Peanut Butter Crackers or other small Snack Food items
    A pair of Gloves or Mittens
    Suntan Lotion
    Bug Spray
    A new pair of Socks
    A small Umbrella
    A note about God’s Love
    A small vial of a Perfume Sample (I would like something like that if I were a homeless woman.)
    Gift Card to Wal Mart
    Gift Card to McDonalds or other food establishment
    A nice small soft blanket to go along with the Goodie Bag would be nice too!

    *If you ask the Housekeeping Staff or Front Desk Staff at hotels you stay at they will sometimes give you for free extras of some of these items. It’s good to give them a little tip too, if you can, since they probably don’t make much money.


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