Take 2 with Jerry & Debbie

Are You More Like Martha or Mary?


You’re likely familiar with the passage in the Bible where the sisters, Martha and Mary, entertain Jesus in Martha’s home. Mary decides to sit at Jesus’ feet attentively listening to Him. Martha complains to Our Lord that Mary has left her alone to handle all of the serving. What Jesus says after that is very important. He eventually tells Martha that Mary has chosen “the better part,” and that it won’t be taken from her. “Better,” but not “only.” In other words, Martha’s busyness, and Mary’s contemplation of Jesus, are both good. We’re all called to live each of those roles to some extent in our lives. Of course, Jesus calls some men and women to be more of one than the other. If you were to reflect on your life as a follower of Jesus, would you say you relate more to Martha or to Mary? Let’s talk about this on Thursday’s show.

T2- MAY 30-2019- Martha-Mary

4 thoughts on “Are You More Like Martha or Mary?

  1. Lots of good callers and thoughts on the show right now. I’m definitively a Martha but working on the Mary aspect of my life too. I go to two Masses on a weekend sometimes because when I’m with the RCIA group on Sunday mornings and other, I’m not always as focused on the Mass as I should be. When I go to a Saturday Mass or other Sunday Mass on the same weekend I can focus better, like Mary did, and hear other things that I didn’t hear in the other Mass and the Priest is doing the same message in both services!

    When I feel bad about being a Martha too much I remind myself that BOTH ladies are official Saints of the Catholic Church and I don ‘t feel so bad! 🙂

    And as someone once told me years ago, when I asked them why I was having such big challenges in life on an on-going basis when I was heavily involved in ministry work, they said, “To much is given much is expected.” That’s from Luke 12:48.

    So I do agree that some are called to be more Martha over Mary but BOTH are important.

    I’ll be praying the Rosary after your show is over and keeping you both in prayer.


    Toni in Texas


  2. Jerry & Debbie, Please pray for me that God will make me worthy so that he will send me someone to love and someone to love me.

    I am a very lonely 67 year old retired man who struggles every day to a) understand and mentally handle this terrible sexual scandal that has engulfed the church and b) to keep myself clean from pornography. Concerning the sexual scandal, I search the on-line NCR, the Catholic World Report, the Catholic News Agency and any other true, valid and trustworthy Catholic source to try to understand why we have men who for years have dedicated themselves to the Church but seem bent on the acceptance of the homosexuality lifestyle in the Church. This will not happen. As good Catholics we must pray for these poor souls that suffer with same-sex attraction. These people need help and I pray that God will allow them to find their true humanity. I love the Church, the priesthood, the bishops, the cardinals and the office of the Pope but I love God more!

    Listening to your broadcast today has brought me hope, and made me realize that if I reach out, others will help me!

    God bless your ministry


    • Jeff,

      We will certainly pray for you, that the Lord will give you peace of mind and joy of heart, even amidst the many challenges you mentioned. It is crucial that we pray for Church leaders, especially those who have embraced and/or promoted teachings or lifestyles that are in contradiction to our faith. Your prayers will be very powerful. Please pray for us and the Take 2 Family!


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