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Is Your City Dying?


A recent disturbing documentary titled, “Seattle Is Dying,” is a jaw-dropping expose of many cultural and societal ills that have nearly turned The Emerald City, long considered to be one of the most gorgeous places in the United States, into a gun-, drug- and filth-infested town. Not that there are no longer any beautiful and serene neighborhoods in and around the greater Seattle area. But the downtown core in particular has become like a desolate wasteland you’d perhaps see in a sci-fi movie. Seattle is not alone in its descent into the abyss. Many other parts of the country have either preceded Seattle, or are not far behind, in seeing this play out for them. The tent cities, the crime, the hypodermic needles, the empty liquor bottles, the weapons…the list goes on and on. And, to listen to some current and former law enforcement officers in Seattle, they are more often than not told not to enforce the laws regarding these circumstances. So, the question for you on Tuesday is, have you watched your beloved city go downhill in some very unfortunate ways? Do you feel helpless to do anything about it. Maybe your city is not dying in this fashion, but actually thriving today. Let’s have a conversation about this, since it touches upon so many areas of our faith.

T2- MAY 28-2019- die-city

2 thoughts on “Is Your City Dying?

  1. I missed all but the tail end of your program. Darn.
    I watched Eric Johnson’s “Seattle is Dying” documentary a couple months ago on line. I thought he portrayed the sad situation in Seattle not only with compassion and truth, but he also offered a solution which has apparently had success in an eastern location. (can’t remember the locale . . . Rhode Island?)
    I moved away from Seattle last August in part because of the tragic situation there. The city council ruled that homeless people with vehicles, running or not, could park anywhere without penalty. When I needed to go in to the office for work in Georgetown (south Seattle), I no longer felt safe having to park and then walk several blocks.
    When I moved to Seattle 40 years ago, it was a lovely, safe place. That is no longer the case.
    The very liberal politics (which includes a socialist on the city council) have had a devastating effect.
    Thanks for your good work.


    • Thanks for your thoughts on this, Patricia. I mentioned on the show yesterday that my sister worked in Downtown Seattle. She said the smell of urine and feces was everywhere. By the way, we’re doing a part two of that topic today. Listen and call in if you can!


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