Take 2

Pain, Pain, Go Away!

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It’s a fact of life for so many people. Enduring pain in some part of your body on a daily basis is no fun. It can impact virtually every facet of your life, including family obligations, work duties, interest in and motivation for hobbies or interests, and many others. Perhaps you’ve searched high and low, far and wide for a solution to your chronic pain, without anything alleviating it or making it go away. Now, what do you do? We can embrace it, of course, and offer it for the glory of God and the salvation of souls. We should do that with any and all types of pain that we experience in life. But, for those who struggle with the same pain every day of their lives, it can become frustrating, debilitating, and even depressing, leading to all sorts of other health problems. Let’s unpack this difficult topic, and hear your takes on how you or someone you know manages to put their two feet on the ground for another day, when pain is the most familiar thing you have to look forward to.

T2-112818- pain

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