Take 2 with Jerry & Debbie

When Do You Break Out the Christmas Decorations?


By now, the sights and sounds of Christmas have already dominated the malls, stores, TV commercials, and even some radio stations. But we just got through Thanksgiving, and Advent doesn’t begin until next Sunday. Liturgically, Christmas begins on December 25 and runs through Epiphany, which is celebrated on January 6. In our churches, decorating follows the liturgical calendar through Advent and the Christmas season. For individual Catholics and families, there are no specific guidelines. So, what do you do with regard to decorating your home or yard for Christmas? Do you wait until Christmas Eve to put up your tree? When do you take the tree and decorations down? Have you sometimes felt like oddballs, being the only ones on your block without decorations until right before Christmas? Are we selling out to the secular spirit of the “holidays” by joining in the decorating craze well before Christmas Day? Let’s see what people think and how your approach this issue.

T2-112718- Cmas-decor

2 thoughts on “When Do You Break Out the Christmas Decorations?

  1. I don’t know why people call in and say that they “love” your program. For me, most of your programs are just Purgatory — suffering. This program is one such. I knew I had to reach for the on-off button when Jerry said he could talk about this subject the whole hour, if no one called in. I bet Jerry could do it, too, but this drivel topic is why I really have second thoughts about contributing to Ave Maria Radio. You know, they don’t carry this show every day — sometimes they play Johnette Williams’ program. Well, I don’t know how you can just sit there and waste contributors’ money with this junky topic.


    • Richard,

      Just think of the souls you are saving by listening to our program. I presume that’s the only reason you do. Otherwise, why put yourself through it? While you’re at it, maybe you will say a prayer for us as you endure the broadcast. We can sure use them. God bless!



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