Take 2

I Wish I Had Said…

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Life is short. But it doesn’t always present itself that way. We can be lulled into thinking that we have all kinds of time remaining on earth. This is perhaps especially true when we’re younger and feel invincible. As life takes its twists and turns, there will inevitably be sentiments we hope to share with someone. These might be expressions of love and appreciation, moments of reconciliation, and more. Just about everyone will wake up one day and realize that the opportunity has passed. The one you had every intention of unburdening yourself to has died. While we believe that we are never truly separated from people we know who are deceased, we sometimes still carry with us the discomfort – or worse – of knowing that we should have said something important to them when there was still time. Has this happened to you? Your take on this topic will have a huge impact on those who don’t want to miss their golden opportunity, and possibly live to regret something that was left unsaid.

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