Take 2

Where Would I Be Without…


In each of our lives, we have people who help us along the way. Every one of us has someone or something that we can say, “I would’t be here without…” It could be a teacher, a coach, a parent. Maybe it’s your daily prayer time. Perhaps staying in good physical condition. If you could point to someone or something that helps keep you on the right track, or has assisted you in getting where you are now, what would it be? Share your take on this topic on Wednesday. 


2 thoughts on “Where Would I Be Without…

  1. My name is Nicholas. I’m from Verona,Italy. One of the things which helped me to be where I am today is a podcasts I was listening to from BBC Radio Wales. The podcast was about Sunday and why people go to Church on Sundays. For some reason that podcast got me thinking about what I’ve been missing inside of me. Later that day I told my Mom about it and she adviced to go back to Church cause she knows how good and important was for me to go to Mass. Since that day I got over my depression.


    • Wow, Nicholas. This is fantastic. We rejoice with you that you have gotten over your depression. Thanks for writing!


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