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Share Your Military Experience


On Tuesday, Jerry and Debbie want to hear from anyone who is serving, or has served, in the military. Did you grow up wanting to serve our country in that way? Are you the son or daughter of military personnel? Did you join because a friend did? What was your recruitment experience like? Where in the world did you serve? Did you re-enlist and/or make a career of it? What was it like when you were discharged or retired? Have you felt appreciated by your nation? These are just a few of the things you can call and talk about. Should be another enlightening broadcast!


2 thoughts on “Share Your Military Experience

  1. Hey guys! My name is Nick from Verona,Italy.
    I’m not in the military but I do feel part of the military cause I come from a military family. Anyway…my Dad back in 2008 was deployed to Iraq for one year and three months. My Dad changed since he went to Iraq. I don’t know what happened to him while he was there but all I know is that sometimes my Dad’s mood changes and sometimes he can get pretty nervous.
    So…I understand how soldiers may feel. How ever…I wanted to let know to every soldiers listening to the show that I will pray for them.


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