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They’re talking about me

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It is all too common to gather around the water cooler at work, school or even at the parish and partake in a little gossip.  It may seem harmless and it may even be a bit exciting to spread the news about others.  But did you know that gossiping about another person is a form of killing their reputation.  This could be considered breaking the Fifth Commandment, thou shalt not kill.  Gossip hurts people and hurts the soul. Why is it then that we accept gossip as a way of life.  The world tells us it is ok, but as Catholic Christians we should know better and work to shield ourselves from it.  Share with us your “take” on this topic.  Call us at 1-833-288-3986.

One thought on “They’re talking about me

  1. Hi guys my name is Nicholas.
    One day I was on my lunch break at work. One of my coworkers started talking about two guys who started arguing about something. So…they started talking about them and stuff. They started asking questions about what happened. I walked away from them cause I don’t like gossip. I believe gossip doesn’t make any good. Gossip to me it’s like killing someone emotions and dignity .
    People believe that gossip somehow helps. Gossip it’s like drinking your own poison.


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