Take 2

Who or What Are You Praying For?


On Monday, He is Risen! What a great way to kick off the Easter season on Take 2 With Jerry and Debbie. It’s our monthly episode where you get to call and share with the world your prayer intentions. It could be for a friend or loved one. Or health. Or employment. Or for the mending of a relationship. It’s entirely up to you. Let us know who or what you’re praying for on Monday.


4 thoughts on “Who or What Are You Praying For?

  1. Hi my dear Jerry & Debbie, I post this on the Night of Good Friday. I come to you as a sponsor hoping and asking you to beckon our Lord God Almighty – Who is Lord! over all that is – even time itself :)! Tomorrow, Holy Saturday my two Catechumens will be Baptized! Confirmed and receive our Lord Body Blood Soul and Divinity in the Holy Sacrament of the Alter. Please please keep them in your prayers, that all gift of grace the Lord would give them find them well and well protected bring them to extraordinary Joy and Union with the only God who Is Their Lord, Life and True Love. It is my honor to ask you to pray for them and keep them in your prayers, I will tell you each their names. Mari Fukase who will be adding on the name Michael in baptism/confirmation and Golnar who will be adding on the name Theresa in baptism/confirmation. Please pray that all graces desired and wanted find them in all abundance on this day. Amen. Thank you Jerry and thank you Debbie!!! for all you do!! God bless you, Godspeed. Amen.


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