Take 2

with Jerry & Debbie

What If You Found Out That Everyone Would Be Saved?


The Church teaches that there is a heaven, and there is a hell. But She only proclaims infallibly that some are in heaven. She has not ever said with certainty that anyone has been damned to hell. We know from Jesus’ words regarding Judas – that it would be better for the one who betrayed the Son of Man if he had never been born – that the likelihood of souls ending up in hell is high. But…what would YOU think, or how would YOU feel if it were revealed that no one would wind up in hell, and that all men would end up gaining eternal salvation? Unfair? A great thing? You decide today with your takes at Noon and Midnight ET!


SHORT TAKE: (3 minutes) 


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6 thoughts on “What If You Found Out That Everyone Would Be Saved?

  1. God will use the good, the bad and the ugly to accomplish HIS will – but it does not mean ALL will spend eternity with God. God alreadys knows who has made that choice to love Him, serve Him, and God is a gentleman…He is NOT going to force an eternity WITH Him if one has never wanted that relationship on earth. For God “predestined” His people…I no longer worry about “who” will get to Heaven and who will not….I will have full understanding when I am at His feet…and my tears will be wiped away. God loves the people that I love even MORE than me – so although He desires ALL to come to Him, it is already predestined that God knows WHO will come and WHO He has unveiled…..


  2. Brian in Saint Joseph, MO… If ALL souls go to heaven regardless of what they did on Earth, what would be the purpose of keeping God’s commandments? I mean, doesn’t that open Pandora’s box of “If it feels good, do it.”? Crime becomes trivial at that point, and respect for human life and the dignity of human life seems to be a moot point doesn’t it?


  3. The bottom line about hell and “all being saved” is answered in the catechism 1020 – 1027. Because we believe and we submit to that belief as well as our leaders, that is our answer based on biblical scholarship, the Church fathers, and tradition.


  4. Jerry and Debbie, I was listening while at break at work and really felt a need to chime in on this converstion regarding Everyone going to heaven and I hope you get the message. My thought is it would be an ANSWERED PRAYER! Everyday when we pray the rosary we ask Jesus to save us from the fires of hell, Lead ALL souls to heaven ESPECIALLY those most in need of thy mercy. I hate to say it but your first couple of callers sound like the brother in the Prodigal Son.


  5. It’s late Sunday night here and I have been listening to the rebroadcast of your show.
    I have been a little surprised by some of the responses I’ve been hearing.
    I think, were I to hear that all would be saved, I would be inclined to rejoice with relief.
    My sins may not be as noticeable or flagrant as those of others, but even so, I’m hardly filled with grace.

    I am highly prone to being angry with people about this or that; while I’ve learned to control my temper, I still am prone to fall at times. If we all would be saved, then so would I be.
    After all, if others have sinned gravely, I can’t help but think: There, but for the grace of God go I.

    Lord, have mercy on me, a sinnner!

    John Flaherty
    Omaha, NE


  6. If everything else remains the same as it is today, and we all of a sudden found out everyone would be saved, there would be no need for faith and life would be a joke…it is fair now, pain and all; we choose to return God’s love to him and those around us…those who choose otherwise, do not seek to be saved with their free will.


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