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Surrendering Control Of Our Lives

1-12-18- Control1

To deepen our relationship with God, one needs to surrender.  Giving up control is always difficult.  Maybe that is why we hold on to other things in life, just to have a sense of control.  Let’s talk about it.  Call in share you take for today’s show at 1-800-585-9396!  


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Like Father, Like Son or Daughter

Join Jerry and Debbie on Monday as they welcome back John Finch to the program. John is the producer of the documentary, “The Father Effect,” which aired on EWTN Television. John is a “survivor” of a lost fatherhood. His dad was absent and abusive, finally taking his own life. This led to a desperate search on John’s part to find himself, and to come to realize who he is in the eyes of his earthly and heavenly fathers. John has a new book on this subject, and will share his hard-earned insights on the show on Monday. Be sure to call in with your own experiences of how you have spent a lifetime “looking” for your dad.


11-13-17_Father Effect-2

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Preaching the “Bad News”

In order for the “Good News” to be good, there has to be “bad news” that it is countering. At least that’s the case with the gospel. The gospel is the greatest news ever to be proclaimed. That’s precisely because it’s the answer to the really, really bad news. Yet it seems we live in a world that increasingly either denies or doesn’t realize that sin exists, and that it can potentially lead our souls to eternal damnation. For many people, there is no right or wrong. Just “your truth” and “my truth.” Until each individual personally recognizes that he or she is sinful and in need of a savior, the good news will not be effective in their lives. It’s like telling a medical patient that there is a cure for his or her ailment. No cure is needed unless there is the knowledge of the malady and how serious it is. So, what can we do to help a world that has lost almost any sense of sin rediscover the “bad news,” so that it will wholeheartedly embrace the “good news?” Share your take with Jerry and Debbie on Friday.


Are You Able to Receive Praise?

The Christian faith teaches us all about humility. Everything good thing we do begins with God’s grace and inspiration and reaches completion with His help. So, can we take credit for any of our good works? Don’t we have to cooperate with God’s grace in order for Him to work in and through us? What about the gifts God gives us? Surely, they’re gifts from His hand to us. But they’re still ours, in a certain sense. When someone tells you you did a great job on this or that task, are you able to receive that praise, knowing that your talents ultimately come from God? So many people completely reject praise and honor for their achievements out a sense of unworthiness, or even a false humility. Let’s talk about this on Tuesday with Jerry and Debbie.


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Is Anyone Beyond the Reach of God’s Mercy?

You know God is merciful. We all do. Intellectually, we know that God can have mercy on anyone. Is there someone you pray for who is or was especially sinful? While we can’t judge souls, we can see the need for God’s mercy on the part of many people. Do you hold out hope for someone, living or deceased? Do you know of an example of God’s mercy turning a hard heart toward Him, perhaps even at death’s door for someone? Let’s discuss this with your takes on Monday.


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Have You Ever Been Amazed at a Decision You’ve Made?

All through life, we have important decisions to make. We pray. We seek the advice of others. We ask God for guidance. There comes a time when we have to just decide which way we’re going to go. Some decisions work out beautifully. Others don’t go as we had planned or wished. Has there ever been an occasion when you made a choice, then spent time wondering, “What have I done?” How did it turn out for you? It might have even been a great decision, one that led you to go beyond your comfort zone. Describe that feeling of amazement, or dismay, when you’ve done this. That’s Friday with Jerry and Debbie.