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Making Sense of Miscarriage

On Wednesday, Jerry and Debbie welcome your takes on the unfortunate issue of miscarriage. It has impacted so many lives and families. After weeks or months of joy and anticipation, parents’ expectations can be shattered by the sudden news that their unborn child has died. Why does God permit this? What kinds of questions does it raise in the minds and hearts of parents? Does blame sometimes start to creep in once the realization of the loss becomes apparent? Or did it bring you and your spouse closer together? Were you apprehensive about getting pregnant again? If you did get pregnant again, were there fears that accompanied you along that journey that it might happen again? Ultimately, what is God’s greater purpose when this happens? If any of this has been your experience, be sure to call and inspire and educate us all on how you worked through it and became stronger from it.


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Are You Comfortable Showing Emotion?

Many people who call Take 2 With Jerry and Debbie get emotional when sharing their takes. They often apologize for doing so, though we assure them that it’s perfectly fine. This leads to the bigger question of how comfortable we all are sharing our emotions in daily life. Let’s face it. Emotions are inescapable. Yet we attempt to hide them when we think it will make us look vulnerable, or will make those around us uncomfortable. Are you OK with letting your emotions show in appropriate situations? Share your take on Monday with Jerry and Debbie.


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Does Trash Bother You?

OK, so that’s an easy question to answer in general. Of course trash bothers you. It should annoy everyone. But everywhere we look there is litter. Lots of it. People use the sidewalk, the shoulder of the highway, the floor in the airport – pretty much everything but a trash can to dispose of their garbage. Have we become desensitized to this reality? What can be done about it? There are advertising campaigns that discourage littering. Are they working? Should we say something to someone who tosses their empty soda cup on the ground before jumping in their car? Let’s discuss the important topic of being good stewards of creation on Friday’s show.



Do You “Know Too Much” to Ever Leave the Church?

Living the Christian life is not always easy. Almost everyone has faced moments when you wish you weren’t under the constraints placed upon us by being disciples of Jesus. You look around and see how seemingly “easy” people have it who just do whatever they wish without fear of divine consequences. But any thought of abandoning the faith is quickly done away with because you “know too much.” That is, you are deeply convinced that the Catholic faith is true and no amount of rationalizing could coax you into leaving her safe harbor. This deep “knowledge” of the faith, together with the grace of the Holy Spirit, is a tremendous gift for which those of us who have received it should be eternally grateful.



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Are You “Soaked” In the Faith?

Our Christian faith can be something we “plug into” once a week for an hour. Perhaps we add a little more than that by praying before meals and offering a glance of the heart toward heaven when we go to bed at night. The truth is, however, we should bring the faith into every area of our lives. It should be inhaled just like each breath we take. On Tuesday, share your take on how you weave your faith in Jesus into every moment of every day of your life. Chris Burgwald will join us to discuss this exciting topic.

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Would You Rather Die Suddenly or Have Time to Prepare?

A question many people ask themselves is whether or not they would like to have some sort of “notice” that their death was coming soon. In other words, would you rather have a diagnosis that gave you months to live, or would you rather die suddenly? It’s a valid question given some people’s fear of suffering. On the other hand, some people would prefer to have time to prepare for death and offer their sufferings in reparation for their sins and on behalf of others. What’s your take on this? Share it Wednesday!




I’m Proud of My Child (Again)

OK, so parents never stop loving their children or being proud of them. At least, they shouldn’t. But how many moms and dads suffer the heartache of a son or daughter almost ruining their life? It happens all the time. Kids can cause parents a great deal of deep disappointment. It’s as old as the human race. Making bad choices that lead to addiction, incarceration, failed marriages, families disgraced and torn apart. As a parent, you may have spent decades praying for the return of one of your children to sanity and respect. Thankfully, many of our kids have come to their senses and completely turned their lives around. There can be few feelings of relief and gratitude like when this happens. What has been your experience of a son or daughter regaining your respect after a period of wasting their gifts and talents? Share your take Tuesday on this very impactful subject.