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All About Relationships – January 2022

On Thursday we will have our first monthly “All About Relationships” program for 2022. Some are good. Some are not so good. Some are downright awful. But no matter what shape they’re in, we all have dozens of interpersonal relationships in life. Join us and we’ll talk about some of your relationship scenarios.

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Do You Love Someone Enough to Tell Them the “Hard Truth”?

Join us for one of our most popular shows!

The Bible says a lot about lovingly correcting someone who is sinning. This doesn’t mean we judge their souls. We simply a corrective word about the words or actions that could potentially lead to their damnation. On Tuesday, let’s have a conversation about this. Being able to tell someone the “hard truth” is sometimes necessary.

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What Was the Hardest Thing For You About Retirement?

If you’re retired, then Monday’s show is for you. Retirement is something many people work hard and long for. But what about when you are suddenly living an almost entirely different life? There can be challenges along with the joys. For you, what has been the hardest thing to adjust to or manage? That’s our topic to start the week. Join us!

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Direction for Our Times

This was read by Denise on Monday’s show:
“…My brothers and sisters, you understand that we come to advise you, but also to prepare you, and indeed to advise you on how to prepare.
There will come a time when you may be deprived of the Sacrament of the Eucharist altogether. This will occur in some areas of the world. This will be a grave and heavy cross but I assure you that heaven will compensate.
You will make constant spiritual communions and remain united to Christ. You will have angels and saints all around you, willing to console and direct you. You will be very brave and very fixated on your Jesus and on your mission to serve Him. So even in removing the Eucharist, the enemy can do you no real harm.
Do you understand? The enemy cannot remove God from you. He cannot do this. He cannot touch your soul.
He cannot deprive you of union with Jesus. He is powerless in this regard and you have all the powers of heaven at your call.
Truly, who is the more powerful? You must understand if this happens to you, in your area, that this was foretold and that this moves you closer to the glorious return of the King of Kings…..”
—- July 29, 2004 — Direction for Our Times
As given to “Anne,” a lay apostle
Link: https://directionforourtimes.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/English_Volume-7.pdf

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Novena for Protection Against Coronavirus

Link to NCR about novena-


Novena to Our Lady of Monte Berico

O Most Holy Virgin, Mother of God and my Mother Mary, I thank you that you have deigned to appear on Monte Berico and I thank you for all the graces you grant here to those who turn to you. Nobody ever prayed to you in vain. I, too, resort to you and beg you for the Passion and Death of Jesus and for your pains: welcome me, o’ merciful Mother, under your mantle, which is a maternal mantle; grant me the particular grace that I ask of You [your petition here] and protect me from all evil and especially from sin which is the greatest evil.

Oh make, oh Mary, my Mother, that I always enjoy your loving protection in life and even more in death and then come to see you in heaven and to thank and bless you forever. Amen.

Madonna of Monte Berico, pray for us.

O sweet Virgin, pious mother of love,
Like this Ave rising from the heart.
Ave, ave, ave, Maria
Ave, ave, ave, Maria

O Virgin, shine as a star in the sky,
Motherly defend your faithful children.
Ave, ave, ave Maria
Ave, ave, ave, Maria