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Share Your Love of Padre Pio

It’s The Feast of St. Pio of Pietrelcina (Padre Pio) St. Pio – Padre Pio – is remembered for his suffering, humility and miracles. He first received the stigmata while praying before a cross in 1918.  The wounds stayed with him for 50 years – the remainder of his life.  He was also blessed with the ability to bilocate, levitate and heal simply with his touch. In the 1920’s he started a series of prayer groups which are now number over 400,000 members worldwide; in 1956 he founded the House for the Relief of Suffering.  He suffered greatly in his life, but at his death, he wounds were healed.  Beatified by Pope John Paul II in 1999, he canonized him in 2002. Share your loyalty on this feast day at 833-288-3986.

Praying to the Powerhouse 7: Saint Michael, the Archangel Saint Teresa of Calcutta, Mother Angelica, our Lady of Fatima, Saint Padre Piao, Saint Joseph, and blessed Carlo Acutis pray for all of us and our listeners Amen

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God, I Need You NOW!

We’ll start Thursday with one of our most popular shows. If you have an urgent prayer intention, be sure to let us know, so that we can all pray together for what’s on your heart. You can submit them as well into the prayer book at https://take2show.com/take-2-prayer-book/

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Special Guest: Matthew Schneider

Father Matthew P. Schneider is an openly autistic Catholic priest with the Legionaries of Christ. He’s originally from Calgary, Canada, but since joining the Legionaries of Christ, has done ministry across North America. He has written for many publications including the National Catholic Register, America, Crux, Aleteia, and Pauline Books & Media including his new book, “God Loves the Autistic Mind: Prayer Guide for Those on the Spectrum and Those Who Love Us. You can find him on social media at @FrMatthewLC, @AutisticicPriest. He currently lives in Northern Virginia, writing a doctoral thesis in moral theology.
Also Heard on Catholic Radio.

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All About Relationships – January 2022

On Thursday we will have our first monthly “All About Relationships” program for 2022. Some are good. Some are not so good. Some are downright awful. But no matter what shape they’re in, we all have dozens of interpersonal relationships in life. Join us and we’ll talk about some of your relationship scenarios.

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Do You Love Someone Enough to Tell Them the “Hard Truth”?

Join us for one of our most popular shows!

The Bible says a lot about lovingly correcting someone who is sinning. This doesn’t mean we judge their souls. We simply a corrective word about the words or actions that could potentially lead to their damnation. On Tuesday, let’s have a conversation about this. Being able to tell someone the “hard truth” is sometimes necessary.