Take 2

with Jerry & Debbie

I Confess

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On Monday’s show Jerry & Debbie are taking a fresh look at the sacrament of confession. We should not be afraid or ashamed during confession. Take 2 will explore how we should also be open and honest when confessing and that we are really doing damage to ourselves when we forego receiving the sacrament. 

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One thought on “I Confess

  1. Jerry and Debbie,

    Good show today. Very timely for me. Our priest talked about confession yesterday in mass. His point was that when we take communion, since we are literally taking the body of Jesus Christ into our bodies, that to do so and not be in a state of grace is like defiling the sacred body of Christ, and to “invite condemnation” upon ourselves.

    He also pointed out that there is no shame in not going forth for the Eucharist if we know that we are not worthy of it at that time. In fact, it can be a good example, especially for our children, if we stay seated.

    I had never held back from taking communion, even if I knew that I was under the influence of a “minor sin”. But, as much as I was trying to convince my self that it wasn’t that bad, and wanting to go up for communion, I stayed seated yesterday. I plan to go to confession at my earliest chance, and to confess with that priest. He was right. I need to be and to feel clean before I take communion.

    Thank you,
    James Mears


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