Take 2

with Jerry & Debbie

Are You Afraid of Change?


Odd title for a show, isn’t it? Or is it? Do you like things a certain way, and if they change you get nervous or fearful? We live in a world of change. It’s all around us. But sometimes we get to where we like things in a box, neat and tidy. This can happen in our homes, in the workplace, just about anywhere. How do you deal with the changes that affect you? Call with your takes on Thursday’s program, Noon and Midnight ET!



2 thoughts on “Are You Afraid of Change?

  1. Depends on the change. It also depends on how we and other people perceive it and respond to it. For example, sometimes change happens in the form of a divorce that sneaks up unannounced. One partner is devastated, i.e., she didn’t see it coming. Other people can wag their fingers, click their teeth, and shame us into thinking that it is our fault. Little by little, as time marches on, the divorce can be seen as a relief, albeit a sad one. The partner who asked for the divorce has settled in with the one with whom he committed adultery, and the partner who was left has accepted her situation and become thankful that she is no longer with someone who was sneaking around behind her back. I have seen this happen many times — in Catholic marriages.


  2. Please tell previous caller about co-worker who is in a gay lifestyle, that my friend embraced a neighbor who was gay with a kind word and compassion continually. Just recently he and his partner broke up and he told her that he has returned to God through all this and he is now looking into the religious life!!


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