Take 2

with Jerry & Debbie

Is The Single Life a Calling From God?


Are you single and wondering if that’s the vocation God has called you to live? Is remaining single even a legitimate vocation in the Church? Some say it is, some say it’s not. Join us on Wednesday for what promises to be a lively discussion with our special guest, Mary Beth Bonacci. The show airs at Noon ET, with an encore broadcast at Midnight ET.



5 thoughts on “Is The Single Life a Calling From God?

  1. good day Jerry and Debbie!
    I am a 32, and single for the pass 6 years never married 😉 I am a single Mom and Loving it! yes my son is 6, and I honestly have not or have no problem with that, I have had some girl friends and co-workers ask me if I am lonely,or if I feel sad at times? I tell them no really yes I do one time, one day only God knows when He might send that someone, but right now I am ENJOYING the time with my son, and I just now have given my time a much as I can to God and my son, my two big priorities, I am such a happy person! now that I am trying to stay in the right path close to God beside work and I am also starting to begin involve at my Parish here in Fairburn Ga. yes it might be difficult at times to others, but I believe that having a heart full of Love and a burning soul for God it is a Beautiful thing! and that is how I feel right now. Never loose Hope and asking to God for strength and patience being single its Awesome! many Blessings to both of you
    sending lots of Love and hugs, I listen to you guys everyday, Love the show I also follow you both on twitter 😉
    God bless Always!


    • Julieta,

      You are so very kind! Thanks for your beautiful e-mail. How great that you are in such a happy place in your life. You will be in our prayers, and we thank you for your prayers and support of our show.

      God bless you.

      Jerry and Debbie


  2. God Bless and give Patience, Fortitude, Strength, and much Love to all the single man and woman, specially all the single Parents 😉


  3. Very frustrating being single. My diocese has no young single adult groups. Feel like we are shut out. Also Catholic single websites really aren’t going well either.


    • Theresa,

      God bless you for taking the time to comment here on the website. I hope the show with Mary Beth Bonacci gave you hope as a single person. I, too, am single at the age of 54. I am very content that I am where God wants me, and am open to what His will holds for me in the future. I believe if you make yourself available to your parish or other Catholic organizations, you will find great fulfillment and satisfaction. You’ll be in my prayers!

      Jerry Usher


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