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Revisiting the Opioid Crisis

A few weeks ago, we did parts one and two on the topic of the opioid crisis, and how it has impacted you and your family. We have continued to hear from many of you that you believe it’s worthy of revisiting. So, on Wednesday, that’s what we’ll do. Plan to call early to make sure you get on the show and impact the world for good. Jerry and Debbie will also continue the conversation with you on The After Show. Listen for all the details!

Article on St. Mark Ji Tianxiang. Read this!

T2- June 19-2019- -Opioid



That Didn’t Hurt a Bit!

Every day, priests around the world hear the confessions of people who have been away from the sacraments and a practice of their faith for quite some time. In some instances, it has been as long as seventy years or more. While many factors could keep someone from returning to their faith through the portal of the confessional, it often boils down to shame, embarrassment or fear of what Father might say to them. They get up the nerve, anyway, and, lo and behold, it turns out to be a peaceful, joyous, healing, and even tearful encounter. Have you been down this road? If so, Tuesday is when we ask that you call the show and share your journey with the world. Who knows how many people you could inspire to return to the Sacrament of Confession and an active participation in the life of the Church!

T2- June 18-2019- -confessional

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Has God Moved Mountains For You?

Every person who ever lives will experience it. You want something. You desire something. You believe God is calling you to do something. You’re absolutely certain that you’re supposed to pursue it. Yet, all around you are obstacles. People who disagree or disapprove. Lack of human or financial resources. Physical limitations. You name it. The phrase that’s often used is, “God has to move mountains for me.” One of Debbie’s favorite Bible verses is Matthew 19:26, which rightly points out the limitations of mankind, but notes “with God all things are possible.” Jesus even noted that we can move mountains if we have faith the size of a mustard seed. Has there been a time in your life when God has indeed moved mountains to allow you to achieve something? This will be a lively and vibrant discussion as we celebrate the fourth anniversary of the show on Friday!

A beautiful song about God moving mountains.

T2- June 14-2019- -Anniversary


What Discovery or Invention Do You Believe Has Most Benefited Christians?

Human history is filled with the discoveries and inventions of man. We have always sought to do things better, faster, more efficiently, more cost-effective, etc. If you were to give it a little thought, what do you think has been the single most influential advancement made by man throughout history? The wheel? Fire? Running water? The Internet? Scientific or medical progress? Do you believe the advantages of all of these have outweighed the potential negatives, especially in recent decades? Call with your take on Thursday.

T2- June 12-2019- -inventions


Hurry Back, Jesus!

We know that Jesus is coming back. Scripture says – in the words of Jesus – that we do not know the day nor the hour. It could be Monday, or it could be 5000 Mondays from now. The Bible tells us that God’s patience is for our benefit. We all have family and friends who are not practicing their faith. The Book of Revelation exhorts us to pray for Jesus’ second coming. But, what would happen to our loved ones if He returned today? What would our own fate be? How do you handle the tension between wanting Jesus to return soon, and knowing people who might not be ready? On Monday, let’s talk about this, and share with us what you think of this question.

T2- MAY6-2019- Jesus is vack


Come, Holy Spirit!

This weekend is Pentecost Sunday. It’s the culmination of the Easter season, and reminds us of when Jesus sent the Holy Spirit upon his first disciples after His ascension into heaven. We often focus on God the Father, and Jesus the Son. But not always so much on the Holy Spirit, whom the Creed tells us is the “Lord and Giver of Life.” On Friday, in anticipation of Pentecost, let’s talk about how we incorporate the Holy Spirit in our daily lives and spiritual lives.

T2- June 7-2019- -Holy Spirit


Have You Suffered On Behalf of Another?

Life involves suffering. For some, a lot of suffering. What we “do” with that suffering is of the utmost importance. First, we can and should unite it to the suffering of Jesus during His passion and death in reparation for our own sins. But the Bible and the teachings of the Church make it clear that we can embrace our hardships for the spiritual benefit of others. In Colossians 1:24, St. Paul says that he even rejoices in the opportunity he has to suffer for others. At the heart of this notion of suffering for others is the Church’s understanding of the mystical Body of Christ including those in heaven, those on earth, and those in Purgatory. Has there been a time in your life when you accepted your suffering with the intention of God helping someone else? Perhaps you have even asked the Lord for suffering with the same thing in mind. Let’s have a conversation about this on Thursday’s show.

T2- June 6-2019- -Suffer--d-day