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Stretching Yourself

We each have one. It’s called our “comfort zone.” Here’s how Miriam-Webster defines that:

Definition of comfort zone

1: the temperature range within which one is comfortable
2: the level at which one functions with ease and familiarity
When we’re in our own personal comfort zone, we usually have no trouble navigating the road of life. But do we grow as persons and as followers of Jesus when we stay in that safe place? How important is it to stretch ourselves a little bit once in a while? Sometimes, that stretching is imposed upon us by family obligations, job requirements or other factors. On Thursday, call and share how you have experienced coming out of your comfort zone and discovering new skills and talents you didn’t know you possessed.

T2- April 4-2019- Comfort-zone



What Do You Consider a Good Night’s Sleep?

How well do you sleep at night? Or do you work nights and sleep during the day? Either way, restful sleep is important to the proper functioning of our lives. Many people are asleep before their heads hit their pillows, while some take a long time to fall asleep. Some can sleep for long stretches at a time, while others of us wake up several times during the night. What do you consider a good night’s sleep? What do you do when you lie in bed awake and are unable to sleep? Are you a person who only needs a short amount of sleep to be energetic? Let’s talk about this on Wednesday’s show.

Below are some prayers a listener sent in that help her sleep better and more soundly.

T2- Apri-3-2019- sleep

Lord, as I lie down and sleep may I wake again because You sustain me (Psalm 3:5). Do not let my foot slip; You, Who watches over me does not slumber. Indeed, You Who watches over Israel never slumbers or sleeps. (Psalm 121:3-4). May I lie down and sleep in Peace, for You alone O LORD, make me dwell in safety (Psalm 4:8).
In vain I rise early and stay up late, toiling for food to eat; but You grant sleep to those You Love (Psalm 127:2b), help me to fall asleep quickly. When I lie down may I not be afraid; when I lie down, may my sleep be sweet (Proverbs 3:24); please make these (#) hours feel like 8 hours; for You are my Confidence Lord (Proverbs 3:26). When I awake and look around may I see that my sleep has been pleasant (Jeremiah 31:26).
Your Word says that Your angels are mighty; they do Your bidding and obey Your Word (Psalm 103:20). Please command Your angels to guard me in all my ways, may they lift me up in their hands so I do not strike my foot against a stone (Psalm 91:11-12). Because I fear You God, send Your angels to encamp around me as I sleep. Thank You, for delivering me and keeping me safe (Psalm 34:7). In the Precious Name of Your Son, Jesus, I pray, Amen.



Bad April Fool’s Jokes

On Monday, Jerry and Debbie will welcome your takes on April Fool’s jokes gone bad. We hope and pray that you never attempted to pull one off that injured anyone else. We’re talking about the fun sorts of jokes that we sometimes think will be funny, but turn out very different than planned. Get on board with this discussion on Monday.

T2- April 1-2019- Joke-fool


Do You Often Feel Overwhelmed?

Life can get overwhelming at times. Lists and things to do are piling up. You can feel as though nothing fully gets accomplished. How do you avoid the feelings of getting overwhelmed? Some use a healthy dose of humor to get through life. Others ask people to take on some of their burden. Still others turn to substances to manage life when it gets overwhelming. Do you often feel like life is throwing too much at you? Share your take on Thursday’s show.


T2- Mar-28-2019- to do list

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Non-Catholics, Why Do You Listen to Catholic Radio?

On Wednesday, Jerry and Debbie will be looking for calls from our non-Catholic friends. Share with us why you listen to Take 2 With Jerry and Debbie, and/or other shows on EWTN Radio. Is it to find out what Catholics believe and practice? To seek ammunition to argue against the Catholic faith? Perhaps you’re investigating Catholicism to possibly enter the Catholic Church. Let’s have a friendly conversation, and, as always, we’ll all learn some important things.

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A Lenten Checkup

It’s a little over two weeks into Lent. On Friday, call and share with Jerry and Debbie how it’s going for you. Have you maintained your chosen disciplines? Have you switched things up a bit? Are you sensing the Holy Spirit working in your life? Are you making more time for silence and prayer? Let’s talk about this and inspire and encourage one another!

T2- Mar-21-2019- lent-cross


“It Seems Like Just Yesterday…”

Life can move quickly at times. Just about every one of us has felt like we woke up one morning and realized that years – maybe decades – had passed since some monumental thing happened in our lives. It could be your college graduation, when your first child was born, when you endured some illness or injury or anything else. Some life experiences are so vivid, so painful or joyful, so seared into our memories that when they come to mind it can seem like they just happened the day before. On Thursday, call and share an experience or event that fits this description in your life, and some of the ways it is tied to your faith journey.