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Do You Have a Spiritual Support Group?

Life has its ups and downs. Many challenges. Times when we really need the prayers and spiritual comfort and consolation of family and friends. A lot of us enlist the daily prayers of a priest, a monastery or a convent. Many parishes have a prayer chain. Perhaps you know someone who is a real prayer warrior. Those can all be powerful supports for us in daily life. On Thursday, let’s talk about how we get spiritual support.


What Was Your Hardest Adjustment Going From Single to Married Life?

Following a vocational call to holy matrimony can be filled with great joy and blessings. But it also presents challenges to each spouse, especially if he or she has lived the single life prior to entering the marriage, which has been called a “saint-making machine.” That’s because husband and wife must learn to put the other first, to make sacrifices that they previously didn’t have to make, in essence, to live very differently than they did when they were single. When you got married, what did you find to be the hardest adjustment(s) from single life? Let’s learn again from each other on Monday’s show.

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Do You Sometimes Feel You Don’t Measure Up?

Expectations are a part of life. We place them upon ourselves, and others do likewise. But unfulfilled expectations – especially unreasonable ones – can lead to a lifetime of frustration, pain, guilt, shame and more. The world tell us that we should dress a certain way, act a certain way, look a certain way, think a certain way. We can too easily get caught up in thinking that’s who we should be. If you have ever had feelings that you just didn’t measure up to your peers or others’ expectations, let’s talk about it on Thursday.

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Keeping the Faith Compelling

Jesus’ mandate to go and make disciples of all nations is just as binding today as it was when he first gave it to his apostles prior to His ascension into heaven. That means all of us has a responsibility to try to draw people into a life of faith, a life of active participation in the Church. That’s not always easy, as there are countless forces at play mitigating against people coming into the Church. Sadly, in our day, there are gigantic hurdles that must be overcome, not the least of which is the diminishing moral authority of the Church due to the clergy sex abuse and cover up scandal. So, how do you witness to the people in your sphere of influence in such challenging times? Do you find this difficult to do at work, in public, even within your own family? Let’s talk about this on Tuesday.


After Jesus, Who Do You Believe Has Influenced the World the Most?

It is undeniable (though some may wish to deny it) that Jesus Christ has had the most influence on mankind out of all those who have ever walked the face of the earth. The question we’ll be discussing – with your takes, of course – on Thursday is who do you feel has been the most influential human being other than Our Lord? Was it a profound spiritual leader like St. John Paul II? A rock bank like The Beatles? Maybe a cruel dictator like Adolph Hitler? Perhaps a great ancient Greek philosopher? What about Steve Jobs, whose legacy as a purveyor of modern technology has left his fingerprints on perhaps billions of lives? Give this some thought and join the conversation on Thursday.

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What Frustrates You?

There are countless frustrations in life. Surely, you’ve known your fair share of them. Why do persons and situations frustrate us? Are there some that get under your skin more than others? Frustrations are a great opportunity for us to grow in patience and virtue. Let’s talk about this on Tuesday.