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Goodbye to 2020!

The calendar year that ends on Thursday has been, well, unique, to say the least. At least, let’s hope so. Whether or not we’ll see a return to any semblance of “normalcy” in 2021 obviously remains to be seen. Not many of us can say we’ve lived through a year anything like 2020. So, as we turn the page into a new year, how would you describe the year we’re wrapping up? Many people would like to forget it completely and forever. Others are taking a little time to see the good that can be taken away. On Thursday, share what your “goodbye message” would be to the year 2020.

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Shining Light In a Dark World

Monday is the “shortest” day of the year, at least in terms of daylight hours. It may serve as a reminder of just how much “darkness” there is in the world today. Everywhere you look, you see sin being piled upon sin, only exacerbating that darkness. Yet, in John 1:5, we are told that, “The light (Jesus) shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” And St. Paul writes in 1 Thessalonians 5:5 that we are all “children of light and of the day, we are not of the night or of darkness.” What does that mean for us practically speaking? How are we to shine light in a dark world? How do you do that? By your lived example? By sharing the Word of God with others? In the way you are raising your kids? Let’s have a conversation about this on Monday.


Bring Us Your Urgent Prayer Intentions!

On Friday, Jerry and Debbie invite you once again to call and let the entire global Take 2 Family join you in praying for what’s most important to you. It might be a loved one who’s ill, the need to find employment, the healing of a shattered relationship, or anything else. It’s our monthly, “God, I Need You Now!” show. Call early to be sure your urgent prayer intention gets aired.

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A Look at Nativity Scenes

A longtime part of our celebration of Christmas has been setting up nativity scenes. For the longest time, they were rather traditional, which, actually, covered a wide range. In recent years and decades, “modern art” has often presented them in rather distasteful ways. One example of that is this year’s nativity scene at the Vatican. On Thursday, let’s talk about your nativity scene, and how it glorifies God in presenting the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


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Do You Believe In Serendipity?

Many of us would say there’s no such thing as “coincidences.” Rather, we counter, there are “God-incidences.” It’s certainly true that nothing happens without God knowing about it, and at least implicitly willing it. With that in mind, have you ever had an experience in life that might not have happened had certain circumstances been just a little bit different? Some people have met the love of their lives “by chance.” Many others talk about being “in the right place at the right time.” This is sometimes referred to as “serendipity,” something that happens more or less by chance, with a happy or beneficial outcome. Let’s talk about this on Wednesday’s show.

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Do You Fear For Your Children’s Future?

Raising kids has never been easy. It’s perhaps not unfair to say that it has gotten more dicey in recent generations, given all the traps and allurements that our young loved ones run into. The times we’re living in are far from “normal,” as we all know. The challenges facing our children include things like the COVID-19 shutdown of schools, stay-at-home orders, wearing masks, distance/online learning, not being able to participate in many of their favorite activities like sports, and so many more. As parents, you likely put the best face possible on all of this. But, deep in your mind and heart, you realize that many things our kids face today are unhealthy and do not bode well for them going forward. On Monday, let’s have a candid conversation about this. As always, we want to walk away better and closer to God.

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Have You Ever Really Dreaded Doing Something?

Into every life come duties and responsibilities that we sometimes really dread. We fret, worry, sweat, even at times get ill thinking about what lies ahead. This topic came to us as we pondered the First Sorrowful Mystery of the Rosary. Our Lord Jesus Christ new what the immediate future held in store for him. In His humanity, He even asked His Father if it could pass him by. This scene was powerfully portrayed by Jim Caviezel in Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ. We witness Jesus so overwhelmed with dread at His coming passion and death, that, as the Bible tells us, He actually sweat real blood. While the things we dread may not rise to that level, nonetheless we do come face to face in life with things that we absolutely wish we didn’t have to do. Let’s talk about this on Friday, and end another week of great shows with more of your insights and lived experiences.

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How Are You Sleeping These Days?

As hectic and pressure-filled as “normal” times can be, it’s often difficult enough to get a good night’s sleep. Throw in everything that’s going on now in our country and around the world, and some people are happy to piece together a few hours of sleep at night. On Thursday, let’s talk about how well you’re sleeping in the midst of all of this, and what measures you employ to ensure at least a decent amount of sleep. Some people use praying apps, others white noise, some wear earplugs and/or sleep masks, still others keep sleep aids on hand just in case. Join us for another impactful conversation on Thursday.

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Have You Been Humbled By the Pandemic?

Most of us are accustomed to a rather comfortable lifestyle. At least in “normal” times. But this year has been anything but normal, as the coronavirus pandemic has forced unbelievable changes in all of our lives. Many have lost their jobs, their savings, their homes, their marriages and families. This has led a lot of us to have to seek assistance from sources we may never have had to approach before. Has this happened to you? Have you had to turn to relatives or friends for financial or other assistance? Has a local food pantry become a regular stop on your weekly round of errands? Perhaps this hasn’t happened to you personally, nor to your family, but you may know people who have been humbled in such ways by this horrible scourge on our nation and on the world. Let’s talk about this on Wednesday’s show.


Which Saint Would You Have Loved Sharing a Meal With?

The saints who are now in heaven were once just like we are here on earth. That included the fact that they had to eat to survive. As you ponder some of your favorite saints, which one would you have loved sharing a meal with, and getting to know personally? This is Tuesday’s topic, which was suggested by Debbie in Indiana, a member of our Inspired By Faith Book and Fellowship Club. Join us for this interesting conversation!