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How Have You Been Blessed This Year?

On Monday, Jerry and Debbie will be asking you to share with the world how richly you have been blessed this year. Gratitude is so important to a healthy, balanced life. In fact, many say it’s the key to happiness. The more grateful we are for what we have, the less we will think about what we don’t have, or what we wish we had. And, remember, blessings can come in many forms, including through hardships. So, let’s talk about this on Monday’s show.

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Enjoying the Joy

Christmas is less than a week away. And, as has become the norm, the influences, distractions and stimuli have potentially engulfed us. As Catholics, we do our best to make the Advent season one of preparation and anticipation, not so much hustle and bustle. The primary reason? So that we can experience a deep and lasting joy when Christmas Day finally arrives. How good are you at achieving that? Do the many trappings of the holidays, sometimes tense family moments, and countless things that have to be done, lessen the joyful feelings you have on the birthday of Jesus? Let’s talk about this on Thursday.

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Handling Holiday Estrangements and Heartaches

On Tuesday, Jerry and Debbie invited your takes on being alone over the holidays, especially on Christmas Day. We’ll follow that up on Wednesday with a conversation about how you have effectively dealt with various things like estrangement from certain family members, disappointments, heartaches, etc. We had an impactful conversation on Tuesday, and we expect this show to be just the same.

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Spending the Holidays Alone

In an ideal world, we would all enjoy Christmas celebrations like the ones we see in TV commercials. So many family members gathered around the dinner table that extra leaves have to be added to make sure everyone can have a place setting and dine until they can’t squeeze in another bite. All that preceded and followed by lively fellowship, love and lots of memories. But we don’t live in an ideal world. Many people will ( perhaps once again) spend their Christmas holiday either alone, or not a part of the aforementioned festive get together. What about you? If you’ve spent holidays without family and friends before, or you expect to this year, let’s talk about how you deal with those circumstances, and possibly come away with some ideas for how to make it a joyous occasion nonetheless.


God, I Need You Now!

On Monday, Jerry and Debbie invite you to call the program with your urgent prayer requests. As always, we will get to as many of them as we can on the air. And you can submit them by phone, e-mail, social media comment, website comment or text message. Just know that all of the intentions in your hearts are lifted up as part of this important show each month.

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"…And You Visited Me."

In the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus makes is clear that we are to be very attentive to the needs of those who are naked, sick, in prison, etc. This obviously involves us coming out of ourselves and leaving our comfort zones. Are you presently a part of a ministry to those in the hospital, in prison, on the streets, etc? Or have you been in the past? It’s often said that those performing the ministry get more out of it than those whom they minister to. What has been your experience in this area? Call in and share your take on Friday’s show.