Take 2

3 thoughts on ““What if…?”

  1. My family is from England though I was born her in the US. I’ve oftentimes wondered what if I’d been raised in England what my life would’ve been like. At the same time I realize my life turned out the way it was meant to be.



  2. My big what if in life is “what if I didn’t go to college” I have 2 science degrees but only went to satisfy my parents. Now 35 I’m a sober truck driver not using my degrees with a wonderful wife and 4 step daughters. While not upset with where I’m at, I often wish I hadn’t gone to college and learned to fall from the Church, drink, and be unchaste. Overall I look at college as the biggest mistake I’ve ever made in my life! I wanted to say this so maybe parents will listen to young adult children who aren’t called to furthering their formal education. Thank you, wonderful show today!


    • Pat, thanks for listening and commenting on today’s topic. We appreciate both your candid feedback and your kind comments.


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