Take 2 with Jerry & Debbie

“What if…?”


On Monday, let’s talk about the “What if…?” moments in our lives. If only we had made this or that decision, instead of the one we did, how would my life be different – better, worse, or otherwise. Let’s start the week on a great note!

Also heard on Catholic Radio.

3 thoughts on ““What if…?”

  1. My family is from England though I was born her in the US. I’ve oftentimes wondered what if I’d been raised in England what my life would’ve been like. At the same time I realize my life turned out the way it was meant to be.



  2. My big what if in life is “what if I didn’t go to college” I have 2 science degrees but only went to satisfy my parents. Now 35 I’m a sober truck driver not using my degrees with a wonderful wife and 4 step daughters. While not upset with where I’m at, I often wish I hadn’t gone to college and learned to fall from the Church, drink, and be unchaste. Overall I look at college as the biggest mistake I’ve ever made in my life! I wanted to say this so maybe parents will listen to young adult children who aren’t called to furthering their formal education. Thank you, wonderful show today!


    • Pat, thanks for listening and commenting on today’s topic. We appreciate both your candid feedback and your kind comments.


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