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First Communion

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It’s the time of year when many people – children and adults – are receiving Holy Communion for the very first time. Do you remember your First Communion? Or your child’s? It should be a beautiful and touching conversation on Friday.

Also heard on Catholic Radio.

One thought on “First Communion

  1. I guess my First Communion was around April of 1953 when there was the fasting after Midnight and no meat on Fridays: I opened the refrigerator Saturday morning and poked my finger into some leftover tuna fish (which I love) and had a bite. Told my mother and she said I’d have to wait till Sunday morning for my individual first Communion. I really don’t remember a wonderful intimate experience with the Lord. All I remember is my own imperfections: the tuna fish, and my veil with an obvious indented crinkle in it. Years later, over at my father’s aunt’s house in the country, my mother was talking with an aunt (wife of blood uncle) who said Oh, her child had a similar experience and they asked the priest, who allowed for the Communion with the group on Saturday without having to wait till Sunday. Well, looking back, I realize my mother hadn’t thought of consulting the priest for little me, and we were used to strict pastors anyway so it might not have been as merciful as Aunt Audrey experienced years later. I remember appreciating a nice holy card from one of the nuns at school but maybe I haven’t had a wondrous memorable experience with Holy Communion. When I was 13 and kneeling at the Communion rail trying to be reverent with closed eyes for Communion on my tongue, the Host fell on the floor and the Pastor slapped my face (a light tap but I felt horrified and guilty and angry). I have misgivings over these youthful experiences and wonder if things can be resolved better. Thanks. I love your radio show and the wonderful prayer community you have. Please pray for me. Carolyn (who grew up in New Orleans)

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