Take 2 with Jerry & Debbie

Who’s Your “Good Shepherd?”

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On Wednesday, join us and tell us about a priest you know who gives his all, lays it down, pours himself out for his flock. We need to celebrate the men who shepherd us with many prayers and sacrifices.

Also heard on Catholic Radio.

One thought on “Who’s Your “Good Shepherd?”

  1. Definitely my current pastor. He’s the best priest I’ve known. He always takes time to listen, answer questions… whatever is needed.

    My husband has had ongoing health issues and struggles and with his faith and our pastor has come to our home to hear his confession, give him some spiritual guidance and tools to help him.

    That’s just one small example of how he gives of himself wholeheartedly.

    Definitely more than just a good Sheppard…he’s a great Shepard!



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