Take 2 with Jerry & Debbie

2 thoughts on ““Paying It Forward,” Part II

  1. A number of years ago our family was driving on the highway in our van during a rain storm. We were in the passing lane and my husband was trying to get around a military bus when the car began to hydroplane. My husband yelled, HOLD ON as we slide into the lane where the bus was. I can still see the windshield of the bus and the man driving in my mind’s eye. We turned a complete 360 degrees and slide off the highway into mud just sliding inches from a road sign. When we stopped I announced that we all needed to take a moment and thank God for watching over us. Once was knew everyone was safe, I noticed our young daughter in the back seat writing something. I asked her what she was working on. She said she had been writing a thank you letter to her guardian angel for helping her when she was born premature (our daughter was born 14 weeks early and weighed 1 lb. 10 oz.). She then said she was changing the letter to include what had just happened. The driver of the bus also stopped to help us and kept saying over and over, he couldn’t understand how he didn’t hit us. He should have hit us. It should also be noted that the area where we were driving had recently experienced lots of rain which allowed our van to sink in the mud and not roll. Also, the area has many deep ravens. The spot we went off the road is one of the few flatter areas. The bus driver helped my husband carry us up to the road and drove us to a location where we could get someone to help us with the van. The only problem with the van was impacted mud.

    We were able to drive past “our spot” for years and see the deep tracks along the road where our van had been.


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