Take 2 with Jerry & Debbie

Have You Ever “Paid It Forward?” Part 1


“Paying it forward” is an expression that has to do with performing unexpected acts of kindness for another person. For example, if someone in the latte line in front of you surprisingly pays for yours, instead of seeking to return the favor to that person, you buy one for the person in line behind you. It can mean a lot of other things as well. On Tuesday, let’s talk about those opportunities we’ve made use of to “pay it forward” for someone else.

3 thoughts on “Have You Ever “Paid It Forward?” Part 1

  1. Definitely! My second job is as a part time cashier. Sometimes if a customer doesn’t have enough I’ll make up the difference or if I can pay for their groceries completely.

    I also sometimes if I’m going through a drive through I’ll pay for the person behind me. We need more kindness in this world. I try to follow in St Therese of Lisieux s little way


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