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Have You Been Humbled By the Pandemic?

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Most of us are accustomed to a rather comfortable lifestyle. At least in “normal” times. But this year has been anything but normal, as the coronavirus pandemic has forced unbelievable changes in all of our lives. Many have lost their jobs, their savings, their homes, their marriages and families. This has led a lot of us to have to seek assistance from sources we may never have had to approach before. Has this happened to you? Have you had to turn to relatives or friends for financial or other assistance? Has a local food pantry become a regular stop on your weekly round of errands? Perhaps this hasn’t happened to you personally, nor to your family, but you may know people who have been humbled in such ways by this horrible scourge on our nation and on the world. Let’s talk about this on Wednesday’s show.

One thought on “Have You Been Humbled By the Pandemic?

  1. I was listening to the midnight encore of the 12/9/20 program about the effects of the pandemic. I would take issue with the lady (Jennifer? the 76 yo lady) who was complaining that masks are ineffective. That’s really a sore spot for a lot of people, but Dr Redford of the CDC said months ago that wearing masks and social distancing were the best ways to curtail the spread of the disease.

    I was responding to someone on Facebook about a related topic and they were grandstanding that there was “no scientific evidence” about ‘this’ or ‘that’ — when in fact, there was no “scientific evidence” for their point of view either — there simply has not been enough time to do such controlled sciencific studies to answer every question. Anybody who has watched the news in the last 9 months can SEE that medical workers are wearing masks and other protective gear — the general public ought to take a clue from that. It’s so obvious yet some people are so obstinate about not wearing masks.


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