Take 2 with Jerry & Debbie

Toxic Relationships

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Where are you with this topic?  Do you have friends and/or family members that support you, build you up and make you a better person?  Or are you in relationships that bring you down and damage your spirit?  Toxic relationships can really keep you from living out your God given purpose and mission.  When we are surrounded and influenced by others that carry their issues into the relationship, it can most certainly be an unbearable experience.  Often times, these types of relationships can cause severe stress, tension, and depression. Sadly, being in long-term toxic relationships can also take a heavy toll on one’s physical health and well-being.  So what are we to do about these people in our lives that we know are hurting us on multiple levels?  Let’s discuss this life circumstance and see if we can come to a healthy conclusion that would also be pleasing to God.  1-833-288-3986

T2--July 14-T oxic Friends

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