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I know I am right!


In life skills, there is this term called “right fighter.”  A person who engages in a debate or argument not really wanting to learn, or be found at fault, but someone who goes into the encounter knowing they will be right at all costs.  Is this healthy for relationships?  Is this the way God would want us to behave?  The trait most lacking in a right fighter is humility and we know that humility is a virtue we all need to develop.  Should there be a winner and a loser in an argument?  Or should debates always be a win-win for those involved.  These are angles we will discuss on Tuesday’s Take 2 with Jerry and Debbie, hope you will join us by calling, 1-800-585-9396.

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Giving God Permission

God is a total gentleman. It’s rare when He will barge into our lives and impose His will upon us. You may recall the image of Jesus knocking on a door. Did you ever notice that there is no handle on the outside of the door? Only on the inside. Meaning that Jesus will come and dwell in the heart that welcomes Him and invites Him in. That’s another way of saying that we need to give Him permission to do whatever He wills in our lives. That’s a scary thought for so many of us. What will He do if I give Him permission? Will He lead me where I don’t want to go? Will His will make me unhappy? In spite of the fact that God is all-powerful, He waits for us to say “yes” before taking us on the beautiful faith journey He has planned for each of us.

Call in and share your experience, 1-800-585-9396.

Prayer of abandonment – https://www.ewtn.com/devotionals/prayers/Abandonment.htm


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We heard you!


It’s easy to feel as though no gets where we are coming from.  We explain, cry, yell and often times feel very agitated trying to describe our deep emotions, only to walk away feeling exasperated and disappointed in others reactions.  We feel that others cannot relate or truly understand, but is that true?  Maybe other people can relate and do understand but it just hits too close to home or they don’t know how to respond out of fear. Let’s talk about this and more on Monday’s Take 2 with Jerry and Debbie. We invite you to call in and share your “take.” 1-800-585-9396.


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Our God is an Awesome God!


We have a great God that loves each and every one of us.  Many times God shows Himself so undeniably in a situation, circumstance or crisis.  Share with us the times you clearly felt God’s presence in your life.  Maybe you have an extraordinary story to share about how awesome our God is.  Please call in on Friday’s show at 1-800-585-9396.


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Living Life with a Purpose

7-12-17_Living with a purpose_Take 2

We all want to be productive. To accomplish the things we think we need to day by day. We want and need a purpose as well. Maybe we are doing a lot of tasks but really nothing for our spiritual growth. Is it possible to get our work done and still feed our spiritual health, emotional health, intellectual self, etc?  Living with Purpose is a comprehensive approach to life, whereby we are being productive in the world but also true to ourselves and our God-given purpose.  This can be a life changing show if you participate by calling, 1-800-585-9396.

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To put to death or not

7-7-17_death penalty

Which side are you on?  What if your core beliefs conflict with paragraph 2267 in the Catechism of the Catholic Church?  Can you still be for the death penalty and a “good” Catholic? What if a friend or family member was the victim of a heinous crime, would your view of capital punishment change when it becomes personal?  Many people struggle with this issue, so it is worthy of discussion.  Please call in and share your “take” on this subject and maybe change a heart at the same time.  1-800-585-9396.

The Church and Capital Punihsment – Tim Staples 


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Supernatural Gifts From God

6_30_17-saint-gift (1)

The stigmata, bilocation, reading hearts, prophecy, levitation, sweet fragrance and incorruptibility are just some of the gifts God has given holy men and women during their lifetime.  Padre Pio is one saint that manifested many spiritual gifts bestowed by God.  Not all of the gifts are pleasurable, some actually are physically painful. So what does this tell us about the road to sainthood?  Are these gifts an indication of the closeness of God?  What could be the purpose of these gifts?  Are these mystical realities, that defy science and nature, a sign from God that He desires a deep relationship with us? Let’s unlock the keys to this supernatural phenomena by discussing it on Friday’s Take 2 with Jerry and Debbie.  1-800-585-9396