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Monthly Unscripted


Once a month we come to the show with no set agenda to discuss, rather we open up the phone lines and let you take it away.  You can revisit previous shows, suggest future topics, or you can just share anything that is weighing on your mind.  We will try to answer your questions about the faith as best we can and we will certainly engage in a healthy conversation about things going on in your life.  We love the fact that Take 2 is a peer ministry.  We journey together as a family, learning and growing from one another.  So call in and share whatever you like and we will be here to listen. 1-833-288-3986.

Act of consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

EWTN article on faith and works


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Keeping Our Focus At Mass

T2-092718- Focusing at Mass (1)

It is more common than you think.  We are ashamed to admit it, but probably most of us at Mass, daydream or lose focus at some point during the service. Does that mean we really don’t believe? Are we finding Mass boring? Or is it just part of our natural human behavior that our thoughts may wander.  Maybe, just maybe it can give us a clue about our own spiritual development. Let’s have an authentic discussion about this and see if we walk away with a different perspective about our attention span during Mass. Call us with your experience of losing focus at Mass. 1-833-288-3986.

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Look Ahead

T2-092618- earth-heaven.jpg

We say we want to get to heaven.  We want to be with God for all of eternity.  But the moment a health crisis arises and we face a possible earthly death, it seems like all bets are off.  We now start shifting our prayers to help me, heal me, I need a miracle.  What happened to wanting to be with God for all of eternity?  It is an interesting component of the human condition and one that makes for a fascinating discussion.  Let’s face it, no one really looks forward to dying, because there are too many unknowns. Maybe we should learn from the saints and their understanding of heaven. Let’s have a candid discussion on what we focus on, heaven or earth. Call in and share your thoughts on this topic. 1-833-288-3986.

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The Choices We Face

T2-092518- choose

It is because God gave us the gift of free will that we have the unique ability to choose so many things even in the course of a single day.  But along with this gift, God gives us the proper way to make those decisions. It is in the power of His word that we should know how to live and conduct ourselves.  He never abandons us in our decision-making but He truly lets us decide really our own fate.  We can welcome blessings into our lives and we can also open the door to many curses. We know that through free will, God wants us to choose the greatest path of existence. But again, it is our choice.  Share your experience of this by calling, 1-833-288-3986.

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Jewish Day of Atonement

T2 -091818 -yom-kippur (1).jpg

We see these holidays on the calendar, Rosh Hashanah (Sept 9-10) and Yom Kippur (Sept 18-19).  Maybe we have been taught to say, Happy New Year to our Jewish friends because it is in fact the beginning of their new year.  But what exactly is Yom Kippur? For Jews, it is the holiest day of the year.  It begins at sunset on the 18th and goes until the breaking of the fast 25 hours later.  It is a time of deep prayer, fasting and synagogue services. These high holy days of the Jewish year are very important because it is a time to recall past sins, repent and be right with God for the new year.  It is such a beautiful ritual the Jews partake in and one we can learn from as well. Share why you think it is important to understand this holy day and how it can enhance your own spiritual life. 1-833-288-3986.

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Monday Morning First Thoughts

T2 -091718 -start -week.jpg

Sunday is over, Monday begins, so are your first thoughts still about God or are they about work, school, etc? It is a common thing for us to leave God on Sundays and go on with our schedules during the week. Maybe that is why there is minimal Mass attendance on Mondays.  Let’s talk about this and see if we can look at Mondays in a different light. Remember, scripture tells us to give God our first fruits, not just money and resources but our thoughts and time.  God does not need us, we need Him. If we leave God behind when Sunday is over, what does that say about our relationship with Him? We are made to be in union with God and deepening that bond during the week would naturally prove to be beneficial for our spiritual life here on earth and ultimately for eternity. Share with us how you start your Mondays. 1-833-288-3986

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Youth Ministry is Alive

T2 -091118 - youth

This is the time of year when folks are signing their kids up for youth groups, activities and retreats. Quite a few parishes have vibrant and flourishing youth ministry programs.  There are numerous teens that fully enjoy attending regular sessions to be with their peers and talk about/learn about the Faith.  Sadly though, due to budget issues, many parishes have trimmed down the youth ministry programs and thereby reducing activities for teens to participate in.  Let’s talk about how we can build up the programs and get involved so that our teens will want to attend more often and even bring their friends. Call us and share what is happening at your parish. 1-833-288-3986.

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