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Talking About Co-Dependency


St Augustine said, “Our hearts are restless oh Lord, until they rest in You.” Such a true statement, yet many of us seem to want to fill this void in our hearts by seeking out human love at all costs.  Our need for love is incredibly strong and it is even heightened if, as children, there was a lack of love exhibited.  Co-dependent relationships on the surface appear to fill this strong desire for love and affection.  However, these kinds of relationships tend to lead to destructive patterns and negative outcomes for one or both parties concerned. There is a call to be dependent on one another not just for our temporal needs but for eternal goals.  Our dependency on each other should be healthy and ultimately help us into heaven, as in the case of marriage.  Let’s talk about all forms of dependency with co-dependency being the first we tackle. Share your take on this by calling, 1-800-585-9396.


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I Am Woman!


We have heard it said that women can and should have it all.  The spectacular house, the incredible husband, the bright children and the successful career.  Women are masters at multi-tasking so having it all seems like a realistic goal, but is it?  Maybe you have the career and the husband but adding the kids seems overwhelming.  Maybe you think you have it all, but your spiritual life along with volunteering is basically nonexistent.  Or maybe you became clever in your approach and utilized a team around you to pick up the slack in daily life.  Let’s talk about this notion of attaining it all and see if it really is beneficial to women or not.  Jerry is traveling on Monday so please don’t leave me alone with this topic.  Call in to 1-800-585-9396 and let’s discuss because others are listening and learning.

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Monitoring Your Children


Our children are attacked on every side by forces we shouldn’t want them exposed to. The culture and the world are not what they were a generation or two (or more) ago. There may have been a time when things were much more decent, and parents could just anticipate that their kids were being led in the direction of virtue, not vice.  But that is simply not the case today. Our children’s innocence is being hijacked by people who lack a sense of God and are driven my selfish agendas.  Just look at the whole Teen Vogue debacle.  Many parents thought it would be safe to let their kids read this magazine and little did they know that their children were changed forever (not for the better) because of it.  Let’s talk about watching out for our children.  How should we monitor our children’s email accounts, social media, school textbooks, magazine subscriptions, tv shows, etc.  No one in this world will take better care of your children the way you can and should as parents.  Share your views on this important topic by calling, 1-800-585-9396.

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Shared Family Accounts

We all like our privacy. It’s part of being an individual. But what happens when we get married? When we have kids? Should there be accountability with things like bank accounts, e-mail accounts, social media accounts? Is it your experience that you and your spouse maintain separate accounts in these areas? Do you require your children to share with you the login information for their e-mail and social media accounts? If not that, do you ask them to allow you to view their activity whenever you want? How can you maintain each other’s autonomy while at the same time making sure there are no “secrets” among you? Share with us your family practice by calling 1-800-585-9396.

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Who Are You Praying For?


We believe in the power of prayer!  Tell us who or what you are praying for. We will try to take as many calls as we can possibly handle.  We will enter your prayer intentions in our prayer-book.  Then, at the end of the show, we will offer a prayer lifting up all your requests to God.  But it doesn’t stop there.  Our Take 2 family is committed to prayer and will remember you in their Rosaries, Adoration and at Mass.  This will be a fast-paced show with many calls all dialing 1-800-585-9396.

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What’s Unique About Your Marriage?


It’s often said that opposites attract. Some spouses are the epitome of opposites. One is tall, the other is short. One is outgoing, the other is an introvert. One may have come from a large family of siblings, the other may have been an only child. What attracted you to each other? Do you ever ponder the differences between the two of you?  How do you celebrate the uniqueness of your marriage?  Share with us what makes your marriage not only unique but special.  Call in to 1-800-585-9396 and tell the world precisely what makes your marriage incredible.  This will be a fast hour of calls so don’t hesitate, call in early.

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Your Faith in Life


Most of us get in touch with our faith several times a day. Perhaps you offer morning prayers to God as you put your feet on the floor. You likely say a prayer before each meal. Maybe you go to daily Mass and/or pray the Rosary each day. Those are the more obvious ways in which the faith is part of our everyday lives. But today we want your take on how your faith informs every area of your life. When you’re at work. When you’re driving on the freeway. When you’re helping your children with their homework or changing a dirty diaper. When you’re mowing the grass or taking out the garbage. When you’re recreating in some manner. How do you keep your mind focused on the Lord throughout the day? Is there a sort of overarching “sense” of being connected to God that permeates your entire life? Share your take with us, and in the process you’ll provide insights that others may not have thought about.

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