Take 2

with Jerry & Debbie

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Return to Sender

T2- April 18-2019- Return2Sender

We were created for God and made to be united with Him.  So the question we are asking on Holy Thursday is, where do you think you are headed?  Are you on a path to ultimately be united with God for all of eternity?  As we enter the Triduum, let’s have a real deep conversation about where we are today and where we would like to be.  This can be a life changing, soul changing conversation with your participation.  Please call us at 1-833-288-3986.


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It’s Holy Week!

T2- April 15-2019- holy-week.jpg

This topic was suggested by Debbie, one of our loyal listeners to Take 2.  On Monday’s show, we would like to know what are some of your Holy Week traditions in your home, parish or community.  We will share the practice of visiting 3, 6 or 7 churches on Holy Thursday and what that tradition means to us.  We would like you to share as well, by calling 1-833-288-3986.  Let’s pray that the sharing that happens on the show allows each of us to enter into Holy Week in a much deeper way.



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Part 2- What’s Happening On Our College Campuses…

T2- April 9-2019- _college

Such an active show today with many callers still on the line after the show ended.  We have decided to continue the conversation because it is too important.  If you were on the line waiting when the show ended, please call back tomorrow and let Ryan know the details.  He will happily move you to the front of the line for part 2. 1-833-288-3986. Also, here is the quote we promised from St. Vincent Ferrer.  We hope it brings you comfort just as it did for us.

St. Vincent Ferrer (1419) is most well-known for his prophecies on the end times.  He said, “In the days of peace that are to come after the desolation of revolutions and war, before the end of the world, the Christians will become so lax in their religion that they will refuse to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation, saying, ‘It is an unnecessary Sacrament’, and when the false prophet and the anti-Christ comes, all who are not confirmed will apostatize. while those who are confirmed will stand firm in the faith and only a few will renounce Christ.”  St. Vincent Ferrer, pray for us.

Newman Guide to Choosing a Catholic College – https://www.amazon.com/Newman-Guide-Choosing-Catholic-College/dp/0978650212/ref=sr_1_fkmrnull_3?crid=26GA9UWDTVCHP&keywords=newman+guide+to+choosing+a+catholic+college&qid=1554913644&s=gateway&sprefix=newman+guide%2Caps%2C198&sr=8-3-fkmrnull

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Soul to Soul

T2- April 8-2019- _soul2soul.jpg

St. Teresa of Calcutta did it so effortlessly.  She saw Christ in everyone she encountered. She not only cared for the sick and those that were physically dying, she comforted their souls as well.  We interact with human beings on a regular basis, our spouse, children, co workers, and friends.  Do we look past their human exterior with all their faults and failings, and try to focus on their souls?  Sometimes our humanness prevents us from going deeper, that is why we are able to hurt one another so easily.  Let’s talk about concentrating on the soul of each individual and see if it can change the way we show up in relationships.  Call in with your experience about soul to soul interactions.  1-833-288-3986.

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We Believe in the Power of Prayer

Generic-prayer (1)

This show is dedicated to prayer and in a massive way. So if you have intentions/requests you are praying for, please let us pray with you.  Call in or email whom or what you are praying for.  At the end of the broadcast, Jerry will say a prayer lifting up all the intentions.  This is a very popular show, so please don’t wait until the end to share your prayer requests…1-833-288-3986.  Remember, prayer is powerful.

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Monthly Unscripted


Our monthly Unscripted program is very popular because it gives a chance for folks to ask almost anything, revisit past topics, or suggest future ones for the show calendar.  Our callers drive the conversation with this open forum.  Be sure and call in early to get on the air.  1-833-288-3986


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Balance in Life

T2- Mar-26-2019- balance.jpg

Balance in all areas of life is generally the key to a real healthy existence.  Now there are some exceptions in every situation, but balance in life proves to be beneficial in mind, body and spirit.  When we are in balance, then things run smoothly and every area of our life seems to flourish.  When someone appears to be having a rough time, you can almost always zero in on a certain aspect of their life that is suffering. Creating balance in life seems simple on the surface, yet we still have so many folks struggling to keep life steady.  Let’s talk about this concept and see how it applies to our lives.  Call in with your experience at 1-833-288-3986.