Take 2 with Jerry & Debbie

The Scapular Devotion

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An article on http://www.aleteia.com on Wednesday anticipates The Feast of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel on Thursday, when Jerry and Debbie will invite you to share your love of Our Blessed Mother as expressed through the wearing of a scapular:

“Sacramentals are objects set apart and blessed by the Church for the purpose of sanctifying our lives and leading us to the sacraments. They are sacred signs and a channel of grace (spiritual help) through the intercession of the Church. One of the most popular sacramentals in the Church is the brown scapular. A devotional scapular (from the Latin word for “shoulders”) is a miniaturized version of the poncho-like garment worn by many monks and nuns. It consists of two small squares of cloth, to which printed religious images have been sewn, suspended from a ribbon and worn — usually under the daily clothing — so that one square rests in front and one in back. Attached to the devout use of a scapular are certain graces that God offers; these heavenly graces are dependent on the faith of the person wearing the scapular and are not automatic.”

There are many different colors of scapulars, from which a wearer can choose depending on his or her devotion to the meaning of that particular version. Join us on Thursday as we talk about this.

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