Take 2 with Jerry & Debbie

What Has Love Compelled You to Do?

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Authentic love involves willing the good of another. We’re all faced with opportunities each day to manifest this kind of love. Call in and share an instance when you acted selflessly out of love for another. This isn’t about bragging, it’s about inspiring and teaching the world that coming out of ourselves and putting our own needs on hold, and that we are all capable of doing this. Examples abound:

  • Getting out of bed at all hours of the night to tend to the needs of your children
  • Stopping to help at the scene of a traffic accident
  • Running out into the rain to help your elderly neighbor carry in her groceries
  • Saving up to pay for a child’s education, while putting off some dreams of your own
  • Jumped in the water to save someone who was struggling or drowning
  • Donating blood or an organ to someone in need
  • etc.

This should be another inspiring episode of the program.

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