Take 2 with Jerry & Debbie

Revisiting the Priest Sex Abuse Scandal


In what seems like a never-ending saga, the Church continues to be pummeled by allegations of sexual abuse and cover ups by clergy. Of course, this has been talked about at great length on many EWTN Radio and Television shows. On Friday’s Take 2 With Jerry and Debbie, we invite you to call and share with the world your thoughts on the whole mess. Has it caused you to lose confidence in our priests and bishops? To pull back from your practice of the faith? To hold back your financial donations? To be less inclined to display your Catholicism publicly? This sad chapter in the Church’s history impacts all of us. Thus, it should be a very busy and heartfelt conversation.

T2- June 21-2019- scandal

7 thoughts on “Revisiting the Priest Sex Abuse Scandal

  1. Dear Jerry and Debbie,


    As I was thinking about the topic of today’s show the words, justice may not occur in our lifetimes, came to me. This meaning to me that some things get dealt with in heaven, and not on earth, as maybe we’d like them to be.

    I know that there are people, whom for whatever reason, have suffered sexual abuse at the hands of Priests and have not come forward with it for whatever reason. Maybe it’s just too emotionally painful for them. But whatever the reason or reason(s) we should not judge them for it.

    I also know that there are those Priests who have been falsely accused of things that they have not done by attention seeking, mentally ill, or whatever caused these poor souls to falsely accuse a Priest. Maybe they just want to try to take down the Catholic Church or they don’t like a particular Priest. I don’t know.

    Either way I know that God will deal with this matter either on earth on in heaven. I know that He is a just God. Those doing evil with be dealt with however God chooses to do so with mercy, or other, and those poor unfortunate Priests who have been wrongly accused will be exonerated.

    I am glad that the Catholic Church is doing more in the sex abuse scandals . Deal with all that needs to be dealt with, both Priest and victim alike and then set safeguards in place to prevent it from every happening again. That seems to be happening currently..
    Maybe it wasn’t that way in the past, but it is now. We can’t relive the past (thank goodness) but we can go forward!

    Not everything gets set to right on this earth by God will prevail in the end.

    I haven’t, and I’m not going to let any unfortunate news about Priests sex abuse affect my attendance at Mass, my giving, my service or anything else.

    “Whenever good comes in to contact with evil there is suffering and when the greatest of all goods comes in to contact with evil we must expect great suffering.” *

    The Church is suffering right now from the Priest Sex Scandals but “good will triumph because of divine love”. *

    * These quotes came from Fr. Benedict J. Groeschel off of my Rosary CD’s (Fr. Benedict J. Groescehl & Simonetta) as I was praying the Sorryful Mysteries this morning.


    Toni in Texas


    • Thanks, Toni, for these insights. We’re glad you’ll be listening to today’s show. It should be a good one.


      • Sorry. But I can’t listen to the show live today due to lunch date with our Father’s wife.

        Our Father is married with kids but it’s okay because he was an Episcopal Priest before and trained to be a Catholic Priest and he’s now a Catholic Priest.

        Really hate to miss the show but I will catch it later today on You Tube.

        I’m sure it will be great!!

        Will pray for the show now.

        Toni in Texas


      • Wow, Toni. That’s a great reason go miss the show!


  2. I am stronger in my faith than ever. My hope and wish for the abuse scandal is that ALL case be prosecuted by the justice system. Stop investigating within the church, it is causing further distrust.

    Love you two!
    Cindy from Walla Walla KHSS 100.7 (Holy Spirit Sanctifier.


  3. Hi Jerry & Debbie,

    I was driving late to my lunch date and I heard what you said the 1st 10 minutes of the show and then later watched the whole show tonight.

    You all are just too nice to me! Really now, “sweetest soul”. You need to catch me on a bad day, ha ha! 🙂 But thank you for your very kind words!

    Great show today. So much insightful content. It was obvious that much thought and good planning had gone in to today’s show. Lots of different angles to the show. A good mix of content and dialogue all the way around. Thank you both for showing respect, courtesy, diplomacy, and tact to Caller’s that you have to redirect and/or help to focus!

    I agree with what you both said for Priests involved n sexual abuse should spend their time in prayer and penitence, but not in the ministry. And also justice, but prayer for these men and their souls.

    I agree that there could be this horrible “feeding frenzy”of the Catholic Church if too much power is given to law enforcement officials or other agencies, and they get too deeply involved and trample the Church’s rights.

    Thanks Jerry for the update of the health of Priestly vocations and Religious. I’m so very glad that young men and women are becoming Priests and Religious and also there are those going in to the Deaconate. That’s wonderful news! Our young Vicar is so wonderful and he really inspires me in how much thought, time, and preparation he goes in to for everything he does.

    The show was very well done today and especially so with the high call volume and most likely lots of other social media messages coming in.

    I’ll hope that you will do another show on this topic as you both see fit.

    Toni in Texas


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