Take 2 with Jerry & Debbie

I Wish I Weren’t…

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Each one of us is a beautiful creation of God. We have inherent worth and dignity that doesn’t depend on anything other than our existence. And we’re all different in many ways. Sometimes we wish we were different in some ways. Maybe you’ve said to yourself, “I wish I weren’t so short,” or, “I wish I weren’t so impatient,” or, “I wish I weren’t overweight.” You get the idea. The examples could be endless. On Thursday, that will be our topic for conversation. The goal is not to look at ourselves and point out flaws. It’s just that sometimes we don’t appreciate everything about who we are. Perhaps we can all come away with a better perspective and gratitude to God for being exactly the persons he made us be.

T2- June 20-2019- -regrets

One thought on “I Wish I Weren’t…

  1. Good show on this topic! Makes one think! For me I wish I weren’t so stubborn. I have it from both parents. But I can also see how God uses my stubbornness to persevere in things when other people would quit, or not want to take a risk and try a new idea.

    I loved Debbie’s comments about her recipe for fear, saying “Jesus, I Trust in You, from the Divine Mercy Chaplet” whenever one is fearful. Great insights from Debbie and I’m saying that too from now on when I get fearful. I also liked Debbie’s comments about learning to really listen intently. What a good thing to do!

    Jerry – Thank you so much for that beautiful prayer for Dawn and M.S. My sister has that had M.S. for many years now and is in a wheelchair and mostly home bound.

    I hear Debbie talk about Life Skills from time to time. Does she have a book out on this? and if not, has she ever thought about doing one?

    Even though Organization & Administration are Spiritual Gifts for me, at home there is clutter. On my dining room table I have stuff all over it, mainly stuff I’m tagging and pricing for my Antique Mall booths, papers, and other stuff. I have just enough cleared room on my large dining room table for me to eat! I have asked God to help me to de-clutter and He says that He will. I will have hope.

    Jerry you do seem to be a man of great faith.

    Toni in Texas


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