Take 2 with Jerry & Debbie

That Didn’t Hurt a Bit!


Every day, priests around the world hear the confessions of people who have been away from the sacraments and a practice of their faith for quite some time. In some instances, it has been as long as seventy years or more. While many factors could keep someone from returning to their faith through the portal of the confessional, it often boils down to shame, embarrassment or fear of what Father might say to them. They get up the nerve, anyway, and, lo and behold, it turns out to be a peaceful, joyous, healing, and even tearful encounter. Have you been down this road? If so, Tuesday is when we ask that you call the show and share your journey with the world. Who knows how many people you could inspire to return to the Sacrament of Confession and an active participation in the life of the Church!

T2- June 18-2019- -confessional

2 thoughts on “That Didn’t Hurt a Bit!

  1. I was at a Good Friday service at age 16 and at that homily the Priest very compassionately spoke the following words “Look at Jesus on the Cross”, and that’s all I remember of the homily to this day, something happened, something pierced my heart very deeply and I felt like I was the only person in the Congregation those words were spoken to. At that moment, I was given a very special grace to go to confession and I made the best confession of my life a few days later. When I came out of the confessional, I felt like I was floating in air, felt brand new again, unending joy and felt I could conquer the world. That’s the power of confession, especially when you make a really good one. It is unimaginable.


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