Take 2 with Jerry & Debbie

Are You Defined By Your Mistakes?


We all make mistakes. Some more serious than others. But somehow our mistakes can be saddled to us in ways that are very unhealthy for our spiritual growth. Satan wants our mistakes to define us, and to keep us from growing closer to God. How can we let go of our mistakes and realize God loves us way more than our failings might lead us to believe? Since we’ve all made mistakes, we all have a take on this topic. Call in and share yours on Monday.

Here’s the book Jerry mentioned on today’s show.

T2- MAY 13 -2019- mistake

12 thoughts on “Are You Defined By Your Mistakes?

  1. Dear Sweet People, Jerry & Debbie and all your Staff,


    I would be interested in that Stockbridge Virgin Mary event. I’m sorry that I don’t know which one this is. I have only been a Catholic 3 years now as of Easter Vigil and have MUCH to learn even after going through RCIA and being a Sponsor for 3 years now of others.

    I spent around 50 years being a Catholic hating Protestant until God lead me on an incredible journey to see that what I’d heard about what Catholics believed was not the truth. I heard and believed all kinds of mistrusts of a horrible nature and with much ignorant abd distrust on my part.

    In the Protestant world I only heard about the Virgin Mary at Christmas (the Nativity), the Water to Wine Miracle, and when Jesus and his parents got separated, and that was about it. So I was blown away by how really awesome the Virgin Mary is and how much more she is than I even know.

    Before becoming Catholic I used to think that all these women like the women who appeared in Guadalupe, and Lourdes, and the Black Lady were all like best friends of Mary who where making speaking engagements for her. Yes, that’s true and it’s okay to laugh about that. 🙂 Now I know that this was all the Virgin Mary appearing to many people all around the world in the best way for that location and culture to related to.

    Anyway, I think I’d like to go to one of these places and have that experience of being there like Debbie did this weekend. It was enjoyable to here her talk about that today.

    Please add me to the list of that interested in that trip.

    Also, that book on “How to profit from your faults” sounds just up my alley and I think I’ll get that based on Jerry’s recommendations.

    Also, I look forward to hearing what books both of you have coming up in the near future.

    Blessings to you and yours,

    Toni in Texas


  2. p.s. I absolutely LOVE being Catholic. It just makes sense to me and it answered the things I did not understand in the Protestant world, that as I learned, were not accurate.

    Toni in Texas


    • Toni,

      Thanks for your beautiful testimony, and for expressing interest in a possible pilgrimage to The National Shrine of the Divine Mercy in Stockbridge – https://www.shrineofdivinemercy.org/. We will keep you updated on any potential plans that develop. Welcome home (three years ago)!


      • Dear Jerry,


        Thank you for the kind words! And also thank you for the additional information about a possible pilgrimage to the National Shrine of the Divine Mercy in Stockbridge and the website too. I’ll check that out so I can learn more about it.

        When I decided to check out becoming Catholic by going to RCIA I naively thought that the 9 month program at my Church would teach me everything there was to know about being Catholic. I discovered instead that being Catholic, and all that involves, is a lifelong process. I trying now to learn as much as I can now about being Catholic since I got a late start on it. Listening to the many good EWTN radio shows, like Take2 with you and Debbie, and Vocation Boom!, really helps me to learn more faster. I am active at Church and feel really blessed by those ministries and the people I’ve meet and am in ministry with!

        I read somewhere that you founded Catholic Answers Live and was the host of that show for many years. A special thanks from me to you because without that show and the other Catholic Answer type shows I don’t think I would have become Catholic. I must have had hundreds and hundreds of questions going through RCIA and even beyond.

        When going through RCIA every time I had a serious theology or other question I would be praying about it and be deeply confused, concerned, and troubled. As I would be driving home from work I would tune in to 97.9 FM (Kerrville, Texas) and wouldn’t you know it that somebody would be calling in to the show with exactly the same question that I was trying to work through in my head!! The answers given on the shows were so very clear and I then understood what I needed to know! On the first few times it happened I thought what a coincidence that was!! However, I realized when it kept happening over and over again I had to laugh as it was never a coincidence at all, but God I think wanting me to become Catholic. It’s good to be home in the Catholic Church!

        You mentioned today on your show that those that are in Catholic ministries like you and Debbie and Pro-Life and others on the front line so to speak, that they will be getting more religious persecution. Forgive the paraphrase here. Boy, have you got that right! So YES, I will definitely pray for you and Debbie (she seems like such a sweet person) in all your ministries. May God meet you right now at the point of your deepest need. May God bless you richly.

        Keeping you all in prayer.

        Toni in Texas


      • Toni,

        You are a beautiful soul. Thank you so much for the affirming and encouraging words. But, even more, for your prayers, which sustain in our daily efforts to labor in our little portion of God’s vineyard. You will continue in our daily prayers as well. Great additional information about your journey into the Catholic Church!


      • Dear Jerry (and Debbie too),

        Thank you for the kind words. The same can be said about you and Debbie. YOU ARE beautiful souls too! You and Debbie get to educate and inspired people in an very enjoyable and fun way and you all bless everyone too. It occurred to me that Satan can not be happy about that! So it came to me yesterday that I would give you a bead on my Rosary when I pray the Rosary. I’m working on praying the Rosary daily as it think maybe it’s the key to spiritual growth and guidance and well as many other benefits. When I pray the Rosary or the Divine Mercy Chaplet I feel at peace and comforted too. However, I’m not there yet in praying the Rosary daily.

        Giving out a bead on my Rosary in prayer doesn’t sound like much but it’s something I can offer to you in your ministry.
        I only have 50 beads (the Hail Mary ones) to give out and a bunch of them are already taken but I do give out a few of those bead when I feel led to do so.

        For Debbie I will pray for her under another bead of Parental Disassociation, I think that’s what she called it one day on the show. She will be prayed for daily too. It breaks my heart that her children are not in contact with her. When I first heard Debbie talk about that on the show it made me cry for her and her situation. I immediately realized a friend of mine was going through that with his 4 adult children and I was better able to pray for that friend now being aware that there is even something like this horrible situation that occurs between parents and children. Debbie sounds like a real jewel of a person and it’s her kids great loss. I am praying for her that her children will come to their senses. I am praying for the day when her children will reconcile to her one by one. My niece and her husband are unfortunately going through a very messy divorce with 2 little ones, 6 and 4, and I see some of the seeds of this beginning to happen. I will pray that it doesn’t and do my part to be positive to all concerned, especially my great nephew and niece.

        Blessings and all the best!

        Toni in Texas

        p.s. Jerry, I’ve heard the Vocation Boom! show promos to that show for awhile. I realized from what you said in them that it’s important to encourage others to possibly go into religious vocations. There’s a very Godly friend of mine I know from Church for many years that I felt that maybe God wants them to become a Deacon. So I researched the qualifications for Deaconhood (if that’s a word) and got the courage a little over at week or two ago to talk to this man about possibly becoming a Deacon, both the Deacon to permanent Deacon, or a Deacon to Priest route, since he is single. They listened to what I said and seemed receptive to that possibility.

        I can’t help but think maybe God had already been talking to them about that and that God was using me to confirm to them or guide them along the way. At any rate I did feel a good sense of peace that by telling them my thoughts on the matter I was doing the right thing. Thanks for being so transparent in your life and your ministries! It helps a lot of people.


      • Toni,

        Thank you so much for your beautiful note. Your kind words and the thought of you remembering us in prayer literally made me burst into tears. You have no idea how much prayer means to us. We live on prayers…so thank you from the bottom of our hearts! Jerry and I do feel very blest to be able to work in a ministry we feel God called us to do. Of course with that, there is much responsibility and yes spiritual attacks… With prayer, we know we can fulfill this mission and hopefully it will all be pleasing to God…Toni, thank you again for thinking of us, the loving words of encouragement you gave us and for the powerful prayers of the rosary…We just love you for that!!! You are a beautiful soul and so glad you are part of the Take 2 family. 🙂


  3. Please forgive the spelling errors on my emails. I typed it in a hurry and should have proofread them better.

    Toni in Texas


  4. What is the name of the book Jerry was talking about on Mondays show 5/13/10?

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  5. This is Doris My experience with this subject is a touchy one. I have a past and my experience is that people in my church gossip about me. In the church and church activities. So when people do I don’t feel safe in the church. And how can we heal and feel good about our selves when this continues Every saint has a past Every sinner has a future


    • That’s for sure, Doris. We all have a past, and we all have a glorious future, if we just trust in God’s plan for our lives.

      God bless you!


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