Take 2 with Jerry & Debbie

Patience Is a (Hard-Earned) Virtue


The virtue of patience is so important in our lives. Depending on our circumstances, we have any number of opportunities to practice it and help it grow. Sometimes, we pray for patience, and God allows us to face situations that truly put us to the test. On Friday, let’s close out a great week of shows with a discussion about how we can all be more patient with each other and the world.

T2- MAY 10 -2019- Patience

2 thoughts on “Patience Is a (Hard-Earned) Virtue

  1. Hi Jerry & Debbie!

    The picture of the patient Lab w/ the doggie treat on his nose brought back memories of my childhood German Shepherd that I taught to do the same thing! “King” even “let” me torture him with the treat on his front paws & his nose too! He really put up with a lot but always waited for “the OK nod” ! Such a good boy!

    Thought it would give you guys a laugh!

    God bless both of you, I continue to pray for you & our Take 2 Family!



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