Take 2 with Jerry & Debbie

Are You a Convert to Catholicism?


On Wednesday, Jerry and Debbie continue their “family week” to kick off the Easter season. We’re talking all week about our domestic families and our overall Church family. Thanks be to God, the latter got a little bigger at the Easter Vigil again this year. Were you among those who entered into full communion with the Catholic Church? If you’re a convert, or a revert, to the Catholic faith, call in early to make sure you get on the show to tell the world why you made that decision, and what emotions you experienced when it happened.

Here is a link to a talk given by Fr. Michael Gaitley on the special promise from Jesus that is attached to Divine Mercy Sunday.

T2- April 24-2019- convert

3 thoughts on “Are You a Convert to Catholicism?

  1. Hi. The 042419 podcast is concerning marriage and not the show concerning converts that was broadcast on that date. Will this be corrected? Thank you. Larry Gillis


    • Hi Larry,

      Thanks for your note. We have brought this to the attention of the folks who upload the archives. We appreciate you listening to Take 2 With Jerry and Debbie. Happy Easter!

      Jerry and Debbie


    • Larry, we’ve been told this has been corrected. Enjoy the broadcast!



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