Take 2 with Jerry & Debbie

Do You Wish Your Marriage Was Better?

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T2- April 23-2019- marriage

As part of Family Week here on Take 2, we are focusing on marriages for Tuesday’s show.  How is your marriage today, right now?  Do you wish there was more romance, friendship, trust? Are resentments building up in the relationship?  Do you feel disconnected from your spouse?  Maybe none of these situations apply to your marriage because yours may be going strong.  We need to hear that as well to encourage others to keep going.  Let’s have a real, deep discussion about the state of our marriages.  Call in and share, 1-833-288-3986. Remember, there is support and help for our marriages all around us.  We just have to reach out and give our marriages the boost it needs.  With your participation, this topic can possibly save marriages because folks are definitely listening to Take 2.





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