Take 2 with Jerry & Debbie

It’s Not That Important Anymore


We’re told in Scripture that Jesus came so that we might have life in abundance. That means, of course, a robust relationship with Him. It should also mean being passionate about things in the world around us. These can include a favorite sports team, a hobby, working hard so that you can afford a nice vacation, and so on. There may be nothing inherently wrong with countless things we pursue. But, over time, as we grow older and mature in our walk with the Lord, our interests, passions and priorities can change. Where once we may have been fanatical about this or that sports team, we come to realize that whether they win or lose their next game is really not that big a deal. The same can be said of many other things. They can become obstacles to our growing in holiness if they take on idol-like status in our lives. Is there something in your life that used to take up a lot of your time and attention, that you now may still have an interest in, but not at the level you did before? Share your take on this as we broadcast again live from the 19th annual EWTN Catholic Radio Conference!


2 thoughts on “It’s Not That Important Anymore

  1. You sang “happy Birthday” for Debbie. I hope you paid the royalty for using that song.


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