Take 2 with Jerry & Debbie

Whom Have You Helped Get to Heaven, Part II


Thursday’s show featured so many calls – with so many people left waiting to share at the end – that we are going to present part two on Friday. So, if you didn’t get on the air Thursday to tell us how you were an instrument in the final moments of someone’s transition into eternal life, be sure to call early on Friday!

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T2- 100418 - Help2Heaven

4 thoughts on “Whom Have You Helped Get to Heaven, Part II

  1. Hi Jerry, I know you weren’t on the air today… at least while I was listening but I wanted to tell you a story about my mom. She passed away August 10, 2009. She had a hip replacement (Received many years before) removed after several falls.
    Anyway, she was born in 1918 after my grandmother experienced several miscarriages. My grandmother dedicated her to the Blessed Mother after her birth. Going back to the hip replacement being removed in 2009 on her 91st birthday, she was told that her bones were so brittle she could never have another hip put in. Her wound became infected and on my birthday (on July 8) we were told by the doctors that all they could do was 1) filet her leg open all the way to the infection, and let it heal from the inside out…no guarantee, or they could amputate the leg. She had had enough and was ready to let go… but wouldn’t admit it. We decided to make her comfortable. The hospital put her on hospice and told us she would probably last no more than 10 days. My mom was with us until August 10. She was moved to a nursing home for her final days, and she was a very strong person. On August 10 we were there with her cousin and we were talking about her dedication to the Blessed Mother by her mother. My wife said “wouldn’t it be special if she could have her Funeral on a Feast day of the Blessed Mother?” We thought that would be special to her… within 10 minutes her breathing changed and she began her transition into Almighty God’s loving arms. She was gone within an hour after the comment was made. Her Funeral was on the Feast of the Assumption and we feel that Mary came down to escort her to her son. We have no other explanation for her sudden change from standard breathing to her passing.
    We just felt very blessed to be able to keep our dream to have her funeral on the Blessed Mother’s Feast… we know that Mary was with her during her transition to see her Son.


    • Walter,

      You’re right that I was not on the show the day you were listening. But thanks for sharing this beautiful story. God was so good to your mother, and Our Lady indeed came for her and escorted her to her Son, Jesus. How wonderful. We appreciate you listening and taking the time to share this with us. Please remember us in your prayers, and know that we always pray for you and all of our listening family.



  2. Very good show, hope you do it again, not sure where to leave my intentions for healing: Intentions for healing for Charles, Patricia, Elijah, Rhonda thank you I’m not catholic but listen to couple shows. Thank u 🙏🏻


    • Thanks, Rhonda. We will surely be praying for Charles, Patricia, Elijah and you. May God richly bless you all. Please remember us and the listening family in your prayers. God bless you!


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