Take 2 with Jerry & Debbie

Whom Have You Helped Get to Heaven?


We’ve all surely known someone who has died. A spouse. A family member. A friend or neighbor. A fellow Church-goer. Maybe a complete stranger. There are those rare but beautiful instances when God allows us to play a significant role in a person’s final days or moments on earth, and, God-willing, aid them in attaining eternal life. Have you been in such a situation before? What part did you play in the dying person’s journey? Were you a caregiver? Did you help facilitate their conversion prior to dying? Perhaps you were the one who stepped up to be the “angel” someone needed when no one else would do it. As the Bible says, “God wills that all men be saved and come to the knowledge of the truth.” But often he needs our assistance to make sure that happens. If you’ve experienced this, call and tell the world about it on Thursday.

RESOURCES:: Apostolic Pardon Brings Total Forgiveness Before Death

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2 thoughts on “Whom Have You Helped Get to Heaven?

  1. I help my friend(girl) of 12 yrs. When she was dyeing of bone cancer that steamed from breast cancer 17 yrs earlier. She was baptised a catholic and received the sacrament of her 1st communion as a child. She later had an abortion as a young adult and she could never forgive herself an became an alcoholic. We had a fallen out in our friendship 2 yrs earlier and she contacted me and agreed to see her. When I learned of the seriousness of her condition I jumped in to help her. She expressed she wanted to see a priest for confession so I arranged for my priest to come and here her. And then she wanted to be confirmed. Her condition rapidly gotten worse and hospice was called in. I made arrangements again for my priest to come to the house where she was confirmed and received her last rites. One and a half hours later she passed very peacefully. She was buried in a catholic cemetary and received everything she desired at the time of her death. I feel very honored that she chose me to complete final days with her. It was beautiful


    • Yes, Debby, it was very beautiful, indeed. You were a true friend and sister in Christ to her. Thank you so very much for being the loving instrument of Jesus to your friend during her time of great need. Now, you have someone who is able to pray for you and assist you along the remainder of your journey toward heaven and eternal life. How wonderful!


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