Take 2 with Jerry & Debbie

Time To Say Goodbye

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T2 -082018 -You Say Goodbye

It’s virtually impossible to be friends with everyone.  Plus, not all relationships are healthy for our spiritual life.  Is it ok to politely say goodbye to a friendship and maybe just keep them in our prayers?  Or should we try to convert them to our way of thinking and the faith? When is the right time to just say goodbye? Let’s talk about this scenario that most of us have encountered in our lives.  Friendships are hard to let go of and they can also be quite painful if we choose to stay in an unhealthy one.  What should we do as Christians?  Call in with your experience of this kind of dilemma. 1-833-288-3986.

One thought on “Time To Say Goodbye

  1. Debbie, I just had to leave a comment about the woman just on your show with the needy friend who wanted her to come all the way back from California to fix her computer that had a virus. I was in my car and almost had to pull over it was so unbelievable. I am so sorry for the woman who is putting up with such a ” friend” ?. She needs to get some backbone and tell this woman that she can no longer be a go to person for every problem she has. That was an unreal request. It sounds like the woman who is being the good samaritan in going too far with her friends who seem to use her as a car pool and a plumber etc , probably if the occasion arises and another need comes up, that could be definitely handled with a polite , ” I am sorry but I can no longer be your car pool, computer repairer, or your maid.. You need to get some companies such as maids, repairers etc because I have a lot to do myself and am just too overwhelmed with my own work and home and family, to be on call all the time. Then I would just stop the so called friendship. That to me is not being unChristian. And that other woman is not a friend.
    I bet even Jesus was shaking His Head over this one. Just be a friend. and in only reasonable requests and stop using your car as a shuttle bus for friends who do not appreciate it or even ask for donations to pay for the gas or the maid service if you do it. That will probably cut out a lot of that “go to her” when I need something, , problem when they need it. God will not strike you down for being good to someone by making them learn to fend for themselves. I am 84 years old and I guess I have learned these things over the years and am blessed to be able to take care of my own needs but when I need help I do ask my daughter or son in law and they are happy to help. and I reciprocate, However, don’t over do it is my motto and you will always be welcome in their lives. Bea


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