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Purifying the Priesthood


On Friday, Jerry and Debbie want to hear from you regarding the most recent rash of sexual abuse and cover up charges against the Church, most notably in the lengthy grand jury report out of Pennsylvania. The magnitude of that report is utterly staggering, and it has sent new shock waves through the Church in the U.S. and beyond. A statement from the Vatican said:

“The abuses described in the report are criminal and morally reprehensible. Those acts were betrayals of trust that robbed survivors of their dignity and their faith…. there should be accountability for both abusers and those who permitted
abuse to occur”

Has all of this shaken your faith in the Church? Your trust in our priests? What do you tell your children? If you had a chance to speak with Pope Francis, what would you tell him? Can you urge your sons and grandsons to consider a priestly vocation? What are you doing to show support for the vast majority of our priests who, in spite of the fact that they would never dream of committing such atrocities, find themselves under intense scrutiny and the target of growing persecution?

Join us for what we hope and pray will be a fruitful and healing conversation.

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8 thoughts on “Purifying the Priesthood

  1. I co-counselled the investigation into our local diocese back in 2002. The defining point that struck me was this: otherwise good priests who made complaints to the bishops and other superiors were wither ignored or guilted into silence – guilted in that God called this abuser to be a priest, who are we to judge? Truly disheartening when we look at the results of the silence.


    • Yes, Bob, very unfortunate. We are learning a very hard and painful lesson. May God have mercy on the entire Church.


  2. Recently, on the “Morning Glory” morning show, I heard about the founder of the CreationFest festivals, who has been abusing children for years. This man was recently tried and convicted, and will likely spend the remainder of his life in prison. Catholic radio is the first and onl place where I had heard this. But, For the last few nights, NBC Nightly News has led with the clergy scandal story in the Church. My husband said it is because Holy Mother Church is so visible. My point is, there needs to be fair, balanced reporting. If there is not, the secular press needs to be held accountable and corrected.

    God bless your work!

    Beth F, Spokane, WA, USA


    • Beth,

      Yes, as egregious as the sins and crimes are that have been committed by some Catholic priests and members of the hierarchy, it just isn’t the big news for the mainstream media when smaller or less significant or visible individuals and institutions fall into the same sins and crimes. We can attribute this to at least two things. One, the devil knows which one is the true Church of Jesus Christ. Two, there’s a lot of money to be had from the Catholic Church, unlike many other churches and organizations. Let us pray that God raises up saintly men and women to continue to lead the Church through this very painful period.

      God bless.


      • I agree, Jerry. I also think that we need to pray for these priests and bishops. These are men who were specially called by God, with a permanent mark on their souls. For them, these sins carry a much greater weight. Beyond that, they are obviously troubled. There need to be those who will reach out to them with therapy, so that whatever caused this behavior can be rooted out, and the healing process can begin. We also need to reach out with compassion and forgiveness. After all, the Bible and the Church’s history is filled with stories of great sinners who became great saints! God Bless you and Debbie.


      • Thanks for your insightful comments and encouragement (not to mention your prayers, which we cherish). Yes, those with the mark of holy orders on their souls fall much harder than the rest of us when they commit sins of this (or any) nature. Our prayers should be ’round the clock for their protection, and, when necessary, repentance and conversion of heart. May God raise up a vast army of priests who are willing to do whatever it takes to lead souls to salvation!


      • Fortunately Jerry, in my history of a convert, have been blessed by having very holy priests (and sisters and brothers), not only during my formation, but since I came into the Church in 2001 My heart breaks, not only for those who have committed these crimes, but the thousands of good, holy priests and religious who strive to live out their vocations day by day. It is also unfortunate that both are painted with the same brush, to the point where good priests and religious are afraid to go out in public, in their habits and clerics.


      • Thanks for your comments. Yes, it is a difficult time for priests and religious to be seen publicly in their clerics or habits. Tempting not to do so. But perhaps more important than ever that they do. We certainly encourage them to be bold and be visible. And we must be unwavering in our expressions of love and support for them. And pray. A lot.


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